The new learning and library hub at South West TAFE’s Warrnambool campus is a joint partnership between the Government, South West TAFE and Warrnambool City Council. It will deliver an iconic, fit for purpose, accessible, technologically advanced learning and library facilities for Warrnambool.

This exciting new community space will bring together TAFE and library facilities in a new and refurbished building on the SWTAFE campus where TAFE students, community and visitors are able to enjoy all the current library facilities in new, larger, modern and accessible spaces

The joint-use learning and library hub will:

  • Generate a community-wide life of learning culture and build skills for work and employment
  • Be a place of exploration, literacy, connection and enterprise that is open to all
  • Build community skills and confidence so the region can participate and innovate as engaged and connected digital citizens
  • Be a vibrant space where people can come together to learn, create, work and relax.

The local residents and community members, library members, TAFE students and staff and stakeholders are invited to contribute their ideas to this exciting new development for Warrnambool.

Have your say

We welcome community input on the new Warrnambool Learning and Library Hub via the survey below or tell us your big idea in the panel under timeline.

Survey closes at 5pm on Friday 6 March 2020

Part 1: About the new Learning and Library Hub

The way that communities are now using our libraries is evolving from a place to borrow books to becoming a learning space that provides a place for everyone in the community to spend quality time.

1. What types of spaces would you like to see in the new building?

2. We want to create a library that you like to visit and enjoy spending your time.

3. Thinking about the new learning and library’s facilities, please rate the below design elements based on factors are most important to you:
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important at all
To be unique and identifiable to Warrnambool
Is smart, energy efficient and environmentally friendly
Is easily accessible for all
Celebrates Indigenous culture and heritage
Promotes the history of Warrnambool
Encourages improved opportunities to access education

Place the options in order of preference from first (1) to last (9). DESKTOP USERS: drag and drop the option from the left to the right column. MOBILE USERS: tap the options in order of your preference from 1 to 9.

  1. Provides access to reading and learning #
  2. Offers free wifi and computers #
  3. Is a safe and neutral space for everyone #
  4. Provides access to otherwise unaffordable reading materials / technology #
  5. Connects with and feel part of a community #
  6. Offers a range of programs the community can access #
  7. Contains well-resourced library collections #
  8. Provides access to study spaces #
  9. Improve the education facilities within South West TAFE #

Part 2: Access to the Learning and Library Hub

We know that the opening hours of the current library may not meet the needs of everybody. Please complete the following section outlining your preferences for when you would like to access the new learning and library facility:

1. What day/s would you most likely visit the library?
2. What time/s of the day would you like to visit the library?
3. How would you travel to the hub?
4. If you travel by car, how important is short term parking when visiting the hub?

Part 3: About you

You have 4 characters left.
2. What's your age group?
3. Are you a:
4. Which libraries have you visited or do you visit?
5. If you have visited either of these libraries, how often do you visit them?
6. When you do visit a library, how much time do you spend there?

Collection notice

The Department of Education and Training (the Department) is committed to protecting the information we collect. This is a public consultation on the Warrnambool Learning and Library Hub to be built on the ground of South West TAFE’s Warrnambool campus.

All information collected as part of this consultation is to support decision-making for the design and delivery of this project.

All questions are optional, and you may elect to leave any question unanswered. You can submit the survey submission anonymously.

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Your submission will be given to Warrnambool Learning and Library Hub project team (the Project Team), which includes third party representatives from Warrnambool City Council and South West TAFE. Multiple choice, ranking and scale questions will be reported to the public as aggregate data. Free text responses may be selected by the project team to be included in the final report to the public.

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The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.