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Updates specific to the Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy: Land Use Study, including a summary report of this consultation, can be found at the DELWP Planning webpage:

Other updates and reports relating to the overarching Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy can be found on the DJPR Earth Resources webpage:


We have listened to feedback and developed a draft Preliminary Land Use Vision to transform the Latrobe Valley.

As the Latrobe Valley undergoes significant change over time through the closure and rehabilitation of the three major open-cut coal mines and associated power stations, you can now shape the future by providing feedback on the Vision.

We want to hear your thoughts on transforming the Latrobe Valley into a sustainable, productive, prosperous and liveable regional city, in concert with a green and attractive rural hinterland.

The Vision identifies opportunities in tourism, agriculture, food, energy production, services and education.

It will provide a set of guiding directions for future land use and development, based on achieving positive social, economic and environmental outcomes.

The Vision will inform the final Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy (LVRRS) which is to be released by June 2020. The LVRRS is a government commitment seeking to set a safe, stable and sustainable landform for the Latrobe Valley coal mine voids and surrounding areas.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has undertaken a Regional Water Study as part of the LVRRS. A copy of the key findings is available on the DELWP website. The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) has undertaken a Regional Geotechnical Study as part of the LVRRS. A copy of the key findings is available at the DJPR website. Read the Media Release about Setting a Vision for the Latrobe Valley Mine Areas here.


Have your say

The State Government invited the community to read the draft Vision and provide feedback through making a submission by filling in the survey below. Following feedback from the public, the Vision will be tested against technical considerations from regional geotechnical and regional water study findings. It will then inform the final LVRRS which is to be released by June 2020.

Submissions closed on Monday 4 November 2019.

For more information on the Latrobe Valley Regional Land Use Study project, please visit: Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy: Regional Land Use Study | DELWP.

Tourism, Liveability, Recreation (see Section 3.1)

The Vision identifies multiple tourism and recreational opportunities in the Latrobe Valley, such as industrial tourism, food and wine, creative arts, sporting events and more.

1. Do you support this Vision?

Industry, Business, Commerce (see Section 3.2)

Latrobe Valley should be a recognised place for business, which attracts major corporations and supports smaller and local businesses through strong business support networks. The Vision sets out opportunities to develop engineering and other skilled businesses through improved, transport and digital connectivity.

3. Do you support this Vision?

Agriculture, Energy, Water (see Section 3.3)

The Latrobe Valley is well placed to respond to the effects of climate change on the landscape. The Vision sets out opportunities in establishing an agricultural corridor, driving diverse business activity for the transition of the Latrobe Valley, manufacturing and maintenance of renewable energy generation, infrastructure and equipment, and opportunities for new resource based projects and geothermal, wind and solar energy generation.

5. Do you support this Vision?

Services, Education, Training (see Section 3.4)

The Latrobe Valley will become a centre of excellence across multiple industry sectors, reflecting a bold and aspirational vision that builds on existing assets, and which can drive education, business and employment activity into the future. Opportunities include: better transport links between Morwell and Traralgon to the east and Churchill to the south; building technical skills and knowledge locally to effectively carry out this long-term task over three mine sites and other infrastructure initiatives will all provide broad opportunities for other businesses.

7. Do you support this Vision?
9. Overall, how do you feel this Vision meets the future land use needs of the Latrobe Valley?

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