The Department of Education and Training (DET) has committed to build genuine partnerships with Koorie learners and communities at all levels to support self-determination.

We recognise the unique status of Koorie people, and as Australia’s First Peoples, the right to self-determination in education. We maintain high aspirations and expectations for the development and educational achievement of Koorie learners.

Marrung: Aboriginal Education Plan 2016-2026

In June 2016, we launched Marrung: Aboriginal Education Plan 2016-2026 (Marrung). Marrung is a 10-year integrated plan, developed in partnership with the Victorian Aboriginal community including our principal partner in Koorie education, the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated (VAEAI).

Marrung action 8a

The Promoting participation and engagement for Koorie learners in VET discussion paper is an overview to support meaningful conversation and consultation. The paper was co-authored with VAEAI and outlines our plans to implement Marrung action 8a:

“Develop options for a revised approach to supporting Koorie learners engage and participate successfully in VET [including] through the redesign of the existing Koorie VET workforce”

The paper explores the evidence that shows a revised approach is needed to support Koorie learners to engage and participate successfully in vocational education and training (VET). It focuses on:

  • changes in the characteristics of Koorie communities in Victoria
  • enrolment trends for Koorie learners across the spectrum of VET providers
  • current supports designed to increase Koorie engagement and participation in VET
  • success enablers, and barriers for improving Koorie learner outcomes.

The paper includes 20 questions to stimulate discussion about how to support Koorie participation and engagement in Victoria’s VET system. These questions are below and open for comment.

Opportunities for comment

Attend a regional conversation near you

Dates and locations of the regional conversations are on this website. There's no need to RSVP. These conversations are open to Koorie community members, Aboriginal organisations and businesses, Traditional Owner Groups, VET sector representatives delivering training for Koorie people and government departments.

Meet with us

You can meet with us one-on-one or in a group, at a time and location that is convenient and comfortable for you, including face-to-face, video conference or teleconference. To arrange a time, call Jeremy Cussen on (03) 7022 1871 or email marrung@edumail.vic.gov.au.

Email us

Individuals and organisations are invited to send written submissions via email. These can be mailed to marrung@edumail.vic.gov.au

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Complete responses to the below questions by 10 May 2019.

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The following questions refer to pages 4 - 6 of Promoting participation and engagement for Koorie learners in VET.

Planning for success:

Success measurement:


The following questions refer to pages 7 - 9 of Promoting participation and engagement for Koorie learners in VET.


Koorie Liaison Officers:

Wurreker Brokers:

Funded sector supports:


The following questions refer to pages 10-15 of Promoting participation and engagement for Koorie learners in VET.

Koorie Context:

Positive climate for learning and development:

Community engagement in learning and development:

A culture of professional leadership:

Excellence in teaching, learning and development (higher education and skills):



The following data will help us understand specific needs of regions, it will also allow us to privilege Aboriginal voices in the conversation.

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Where the Department otherwise receives additional personal information from you, you consent to us collecting your sensitive information (your Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander status) for the purposes of this public consultation or otherwise where permitted by law. If you provide your Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander status, this will allow the Department to privilege the voices of Koorie people in the consultation report.

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