The project

In 2018 Development Victoria acquired the 19.2ha site on the corner of Burwood Highway and Scoresby Road, Knoxfield, with the aim to create a vibrant new community with a diverse range of sustainable housing options, public open spaces and recreational facilities. The new community will reflect Knox’s character and will be integrated with the surrounding area.

The future wetlands

Central to the new community will be an improved wetland area with enhanced habitat for the endangered Blue-billed duck and other species. Once the first phase of the improved wetland is established, the existing dam on the site will be partially filled and redeveloped.

This will result in a better overall environmental outcome for residents of the area and improve the health of local waterways, including Blind Creek.

We understand the local community’s concerns about plans to partially fill the dam, but a recent assessment by expert hydrologists determined the dam:

  • is structurally unsound and at risk of collapse.
  • does not provide for stormwater treatment and water retardation. This means untreated stormwater is flowing directly into Blind Creek and there is a flood risk to the adjacent light industrial area, which is lower than the dam.
  • is very deep with steep banks and if someone were to fall in, it may be difficult for them to get out easily and safely.

The new wetland will:

  • Provide enhanced habitat for the endangered Blue-billed duck and result in a better overall environmental outcome for residents of the area.
  • Provide a range of settling, sediment and water retention ponds to treat stormwater, mitigate flooding and protect Blind Creek.

Tell us how you feel

In late 2019, Development Victoria undertook community engagement activities to hear your views and perceptions about the new community, the public open spaces, the new wetlands and the mixed-use area.

Two pop-up information sessions were held at The Community Space at Knox Westfield on Thursday 21 November and Saturday 23 November. An online survey was also open for 6 weeks, which closed on Friday 13 December.

For more information:

Email us


Phone 1800 659 116

Online survey - now closed

The online survey is now closed. Thank you for your participation.

We will collate your comments and incorporate them into the draft master plan that will guide the future development. You will be able to have your say on the draft master plan in early 2020.

The residential area

Thinking about your personal/family situation, what sort of housing would you like to live in, in 2-5 years? Please rank the options below from most important to least important by dragging the features on the left to the box on the right of the screen.
  1. 1 Bedroom #
  2. 2 Bedroom #
  3. 3 Bedroom #
  4. 4 Bedroom #
  1. Local character with familiar materials #
  2. A mix of old and new styles #
  3. Cutting edge design #
  1. No garage #
  2. 1 car garage #
  3. 2 car garage #
  4. Carport #
  5. Electronic vehicle charger #
  1. Small yard #
  2. Large yard #
  3. Vegetable garden #
  4. No garden #
  1. Solar panels #
  2. Solar panels and batteries #
  3. Rain water tank #
  4. Double glazed windows #

Public open space and recreational zones

Thinking about public open spaces and recreational zones, please drag and drop the below items into the order of importance for you.

  1. One large, public open space central to the development #
  2. A series of smaller public open spaces #
  3. Shared paths linking small public open spaces to the broader community #
  1. Areas for specific uses (eg bocce, basketball hoops) #
  2. Larger areas for active recreation (eg frisbee) #
  3. Areas for resting #
  4. A dog walking area #
  1. Play equipment for young children #
  2. Play equipment for teenagers #
  3. Exercise equipment #
  4. Seating, BBQs, shelters #
  5. Wi Fi and areas to work outside #
  1. Introduced species with a garden feel #
  2. Native trees and grasses #
  3. Species chosen for shade and shelter #
  4. Species chosen for birds and insects #
  5. A mixture of all #

The wetlands

The current dam doesn’t provide the required water retention to mitigate flooding in the local area. A new wetland will be built with environmental habitat and surrounding public open space on the northern end of the site.

Thinking about the wetland area, please drag and drop the below items into the order of importance for you.

  1. An improved habitat with significant environmental outcomes #
  2. Educational outcomes for the school and local community #
  3. Neighbourhood amenity and views #
  4. Recreational outcomes for the local community #
  1. Full public access to the wetlands #
  2. Access to some areas of the wetland including via viewing platforms #
  3. Restricted access via viewing platforms and fenced shared paths #
  1. Viewing platforms #
  2. Seats and viewing platforms scattered throughout the area #
  3. Pathways close to the wetlands #
  4. Pathways that are further from the wetlands, allowing species to live there #
  1. Educational signage #
  2. Indigenous signage and connection to country #
  3. Directional wayfinding #
  4. Municipality signage that links the neighbourhood to the surrounding community #

The mixed-use zone

The commercial zone in the south east corner won’t be large scale retail, but may be suitable for small retail, service or community uses that aren’t currently provided in the area.

Thinking about your needs, and the needs of the community please drag and drop the below items to show the value you think they would bring to the community.

  1. Small retail #
  2. Café #
  3. Professional office/s #
  4. Other #
  1. Medical #
  2. Government services #
  3. Child care #
  4. Community space #
  5. Bookable meeting rooms #

Please select your age group to help us understand the demographics of the community members participating in this engagement.

Please select your post code to help us understand the demographics of the community members participating in this engagement.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

Next steps

We will collate your comments and, in early 2020, we will engage with you in a range of ways to further refine the site’s design.

We will place advertisements in local newspapers and on the project’s website to publicise planned community events. In the meantime, please don’t forget to register your details to be notified of community engagement activities and project updates.