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About the partnership

The Inner Metropolitan Partnership was established by the Victorian Government as a way for local communities to engage directly with state and local governments, while also advising the Victorian Government of the top regional priorities for jobs, services and infrastructure.

2020 engagement

The 2020 engagement program has now closed. Thanks to all who participated.

This year, we focused on your experience of living more locally, as the future of the Inner Metro region, looking closely at economic and social outcomes and what support is needed to address current and future challenges.

Your feedback, local experience and ideas will help us develop solutions for the Inner Metro region that are creative, inclusive and sustainable.

The Partnership will also focus on inclusive futures, bringing together local experts and stakeholders to address homelessness and mental health needs in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and tell us what has been working, and where there are still gaps.


In 2017 the Victorian Government established six Metropolitan Partnerships to better understand and respond to the needs of Melbourne’s communities. The Metropolitan Partnerships work with communities, stakeholders and local government to develop advice for the Victorian Government on the top priorities for each region. The six Partnerships include Inner Metro, Inner South-east, Western, Northern, Eastern and Southern.

Each Partnership is made up of volunteer members from across the region with a mix of backgrounds, experience and networks, the CEOs of each local council, and a Deputy Secretary from the state government.