We have looked at ways to ensure faster and more transparent electricity connections at new Victorian housing developments.

From March 2021, Victorian electricity distributors will need to follow new customer service standards, when working with developers and contractors for connecting new housing developments to electricity.

The new standards mean distributors will have to report their performance to the commission every six months, and work together with developers to ensure connection works meet quality requirements.

Each distributor's customer service standard includes:

  • An overarching customer outcomes statement setting out what a distribution business expects to deliver over the next two years in relation to negotiated connections.
  • A requirement to form a consultative committee that meets quarterly to discuss improvements in negotiated connection processes.
  • A performance reporting framework that distribution businesses are to report against every six months.

The changes come after recent reviews found delays connected to power, despite some improvements over the past two years. The standards were developed in consultation with key stakeholders, such as developers and contractors.

These changes will help people move into their new homes quicker and help understand the electricity distribution businesses' processes for managing new connections.

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