The Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP) and ResCode have served Victorians well for more than two decades. They have delivered simpler, more consistent and usable planning schemes based on state standard provisions. However, as expectations on the planning system have grown, the complexity of issues and how some scheme provisions have responded has created uncertainty, hindered usability and created an obstacle to delivering digital ready planning schemes.

There is a need to improve the operation of assessment provisions in planning schemes to make them consistent, digital ready and support streamlined decision making.

DELWP has developed a new assessment model that is introduced in the discussion paper Improving the operation of ResCode. The discussion paper proposes to apply the new model to residential development planning permit applications by replacing the ResCode assessment requirements based on objectives, standards and decision guidelines with a new Performance Assessment Module (PAM).

The new model will provide a more clear, certain and efficient way to assess planning permit applications under clauses 54, 55 and 58 (ResCode) of the VPP and could also be applied to other parts of Victoria’s planning schemes, such as overlays and particular provisions.

How to participate

Provide feedback on the discussion paper through the Engage Victoria survey.

Next steps

We will consider community and stakeholder feedback received during the consultation process as we refine the options for improving the new assessment model. We will collate and analyse feedback received during the consultation period in the coming months, and this will inform decisions about implementation.

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