The Victorian Government is exploring sustainable alternatives and pathways for the gas sector to transition to net zero emissions and is developing a Gas Substitution Roadmap throughout 2021 to provide a strategic framework for decarbonising natural gas in Victoria.

The Gas Substitution Roadmap will detail the transition pathways and identify policy mechanisms to achieve Victoria’s emissions reduction targets through reduced fugitive emissions, more efficient use of gas, electrification and increased use of alternative gases such as hydrogen and biogas.

The Victorian Government is committed to transitioning to fully sustainable sources of energy whilst maintaining energy affordability, security, reliability and safety, and creating clean energy jobs and new skills.

Read our consultation paper

A consultation paper has been prepared to seek the views of the Victorian community and industry to help us better understand the opportunities and challenges that this transition will bring. The paper discusses potential transition pathways to achieve net zero emissions in the gas sector in Victoria and the key issues that must be considered during the transition.
Victoria's Gas Substitution Roadmap Consultation Paper
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Victoria's Gas Substitution Roadmap Consultation Paper - Accessible Version
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How to participate

We invite written submissions on the topics and themes raised in this consultation paper. Questions are posed throughout the paper to assist you in developing your submission. You may elect to only respond to the questions of most interest to you or your organisation.

You will also find three supplementary questions below that you may choose to answer. These are optional questions that will help us understand your views on the priorities, opportunities and challenges associated with the transition to net zero emissions.

Next steps

Victoria’s Gas Substitution Roadmap will be released later this year. The roadmap will provide a strategic framework for decarbonising natural gas in Victoria and detail the Government’s actions to promote the decarbonisation of the gas sector while ensuring that throughout the transition, Victorians continue to have access to an affordable, secure, reliable and safe supply of energy.

Privacy collection notice

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is committed to protecting personal information provided by you in accordance with the principles of the Victorian privacy laws. The information you provide may be used to contact you with updates relating to the consultation stages and progress of the project. The information you provide will be securely stored and not be made available to anyone outside of DELWP. You may access the information you have provided to the department by contacting Gas.Roadmap@delwp.vic.gov.au.