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October 2021 update

In 2017 and 2018 the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning engaged with the local community to gather ideas and seek direction for the future of the Healesville Freeway Reserve park. These ideas were incorporated into the Healesville Freeway Reserve Concept Plan - identifying access and trails, nature and biodiversity as the two main priorities for this valuable land. Through further consultation in 2019, the community strongly supported the selection of a suitable Aboriginal name for the new park.

Parks Victoria was appointed as the land manager of the Healesville Freeway Reserve in September 2021 and will now commence bringing the Concept Plan to life through the development of a Park Layout Plan. Work on renaming the park is now underway in consultation with the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation, and further consultation with key stakeholders and the local community will commence in late 2021.

Further information on the project and opportunities to engage will soon be updated on this page. You can sign up to receive project updates here.

February 2019 update

After reviewing the name submissions from the community for renaming the Healesville Freeway Reserve, it’s been decided the reserve’s future name will be an Aboriginal name from the Kulin Nation.

We asked the public their opinion, and 23 per cent of the responses asked for an Aboriginal name. This was the most popular response compared to the other frequently used terms or names that came up.

DELWP is committed to reconciliation with the traditional owners, and when we are using their language and referencing their culture it is important that they are a part of this process.

We are now contacting the traditional owners who have an interest over the Vermont area to discuss the way forward in deciding on a new name for the Reserve.

Read the full summary of submissions here:

Renaming Survey


The Victorian Government project to keep the Healesville Freeway Reserve as public space for the community is progressing as planned, and the reserve is on track to be completed in October this year.

To help celebrate its new status as public open space, we are inviting suggestions for a new name and we want to hear from you!

Let us know via the below form what you think the park should be renamed.

September 2018 update

The timeframe for name suggestions has been extended. Submissions via Engage Victoria, or postal submissions, will be accepted until Friday, 26 October (extended from 16 September). Please refer to the timeline on the right-hand side of the screen, for next steps, regarding the renaming of the Reserve.


The Healesville Freeway Reserve is made up of 35 hectares of undeveloped VicRoads land running for 3.5 kilometres from Springvale Road in Forest Hill to Boronia Road in Vermont.

Map of Healesville Freeway Reserve from Springvale Road to Boronia Road

Healesville Freeway Reserve

Transfer of the lots which comprise the reserve from VicRoads to DELWP commenced in 2017, including renegotiation and settlement of existing leases. This transfer of management responsibility and use of the area began the formal process of transforming the land from road reserve to designated parkland.

Community consultation in 2017 led to the creation of a concept plan for the reserve. The vision for the reserve is that it will have a variety of future uses. These include shared pedestrian and bike pathways, nature trails, community gathering spaces, activity spaces and dedicated conservation areas.

The future management and development options outlined in the concept plan, may help with ideas for the reserve.

The Concept Plan for the Reserve can be downloaded from the Document Library on the right-hand side bar.

DELWP has been managing the land in preparation for Parks Victoria being appointed as land manager later this year.

As at August 2018, about 60 per cent of the total land to be transferred from VicRoads to the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning has been completed. The remaining 40 per cent will be transferred in the coming months.

How will name suggestions be used?

A community reference group made up of key stakeholder groups across the Vermont area will finalise a shortlist of 3 – 5 name suggestions.

We will then put the shortlist to the community to vote on their favourite name. The name with the majority of votes will become the official new name, subject to meeting the rules for naming places in Victoria and to DELWP’s approval.

Tell us your name suggestions

If you’re stuck for name ideas, you may like to draw inspiration from prominent features of the reserve, historical people associated with parts of the reserve, current/former uses of the reserve, or traditional owner place names.

Handy Hint: There are rules for naming places in Victoria. To qualify for final selection, suggestions need to fit within these rules. Click here to view the rules: Naming rules for places in Victoria

Name the Healesville Freeway Reserve

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