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The Conservation Regulator has created new guidance to help people report sightings of Greater Gliders in state forests.

Surveying for and recording Greater Glider sightings correctly is important as they help ensure protections are put in place.

Reports, however, need to contain the right information. Surveys need to be carried out in a consistent way and involve good data collection methods, if they don't, the Conservation Regulator can't use them to apply the law and protect habitat. Until recently, discrete protections for Greater Glider existed only in East Gippsland, however, in November 2019, the Victorian Government added a new type of protection for Greater Gliders that applies across the state, the Greater Glider Action Statement (view document below). Both types of protections can be triggered by reports of a certain number of Greater Gliders in an area.

Recently, the Conservation Regulator has found that reports of Greater Glider sightings are being submitted without all the right information. This sometimes makes it difficult to apply the pre-existing and new protections.

To make it easier, the Conservation Regulator has created a guide to help people carry out Greater Glider surveys. The guide outlines what survey methods and information is required to submit a valid Greater Glider report to the Conservation Regulator.

We are seeking your feedback to make sure the guidance is easy to understand and apply.

How to participate

Read over the Greater Glider Guidance Note (view document below) and answer the questions below. If you have any questions about this consultation or process, please contact

Next steps

The Conservation Regulator will gather all the feedback that is submitted through EngageVic, and will use it to inform the final Guidance Note. The final Guidance Note will be published on the Conservation Regulator’s website in mid-2021.


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