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In October 2018 the Victorian Government unveiled a landmark Action Plan to protect the iconic Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks for generations to come.

The Action Plan includes a number of actions to establish an independent statutory authority. Specifically, action 4 is to establish an independent statutory authority to manage the coastal Crown land and marine waters along the Great Ocean Road and action 5 is to establish structures to allow for the ongoing involvement of local communities in the protection and visitation management of the Great Ocean Road region. Action 7 is to establish sustainable funding arrangements for the authority.

To support the implementation of these actions, we would like to hear how you would like your community to be involved with the new Authority in the future, and to get your views on possible funding options to support the Authority’s operations.The session also provides an opportunity to receive an update on progress of the implementation of the Action Plan.

How to have your say:

  • online by responding to the survey questions by 15 December, 2019
  • attending an event (between 8 November, 2019 and 23 November, 2019)
  • by emailing a written submission addressing the questions below to
  • by posting a written submission addressing the questions below to

Great Ocean Road Management Reform Project Director
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning - Barwon South West
Level 4, State Government Offices,
30-38 Lt Malop Street, Geelong, Victoria, 3220

Please complete our short survey below, which will inform the development of community liaison structures for the new Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority.

This survey will remain open until 15 December, 2019.

Survey Questions

1. Where do you live? Please provide the locality and post code of your primary residence (or country if you live outside Australia)

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2. Which of the following statements best describe your connection to the Great Ocean Road region?

Please tick all that apply.

Community Involvement

3. What are some of the functions or matters that the community should be consulted on once the Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority is established?

Please tick all that apply:

Please indicate your top 3 preferences to help ensure ongoing community involvement is achieved: (Drag box in order of preference. Top= first preference, middle= second preference, bottom= third preference)

  1. One community committee or group is created for the entire region (This model would have one representative from each town/area along the Great Ocean Road on a consultative committee/group that works with the Authority) #
  2. Three committees or groups along the Great Ocean Road are created (For example: East, West and Central) - (This model would have two or three representative(s) from each town/area to form three separate community consultative groups (one for each sub-region along the Great Ocean Road) #
  3. No formal committee or group, instead the Authority should have a representative attend existing committee or community group meetings throughout the region #
  4. Every town (or cluster of small towns) should have one nominated committee or community group that works with the Authority. This could be an existing community group if appropriate, or a newly formed group. #
  5. No formal structure or mechanism for the community to feed into (The authority will be expected to consult with the community broadly on key initiatives). #
  6. Other (please add your suggestion below) #

Please add your suggestion

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5. The following questions are more detailed and relate to the above options. (Please complete for as many options as you would like).


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B. THREE COMMITTEES OR GROUPS ARE CREATED (For example: East, West and Central)

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Please list groups that you think would be good for this role.

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Funding Options

For the new Authority to undertake the expanded functions that are anticipated, it is likely that new sources of funding will be required (combined with existing sources of funding such as leases, licences, caravan park operations, events).

A visitor ‘user pays’ model has previously been identified by community and stakeholders as the preferred option.

The following options are some of the options that have been put forward as potential funding sources due to the fact they are consistent with existing government policy, are relatively easy to implement, and generally fair and equitable in their application.

6. In creating a sustainable Authority, new revenue sources need to be established to support its activities, in particular the maintenance and upgrading of infrastructure along the coast.

Which of these options do you think should be pursued as a key funding source of the Authority (note that the Authority may utilise more than one funding source)?

Please indicate (by ticking the box) which of these you think should be explored, choose as many or as few as you would like.

For example: Exemptions for residents (locals), enforcement and consequences of parking fees, overflow onto streets (non-fee areas), technology (e.g. licence plate recognition), communication of how funds will be used, peak and off-peak rates, distribution of funds beyond the Authority etc.

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Privacy collection notice

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is committed to protecting personal information provided by you in accordance with the principles of the Victorian privacy laws.

For more information read DELWP's Information Privacy Policy at

The personal information in your submission is collected by DELWP to administer the public consultation process only. Your contact details may be used by DELWP or its contracted service providers under confidentiality agreements to survey you about your experience with DELWP.

Your submission has been collected by DELWP for the purpose of supporting the Great Ocean Road Taskforce in preparing its recommendations to government about the future management of the Great Ocean Road and is regions. DELWP may do the following with your submission (your personal information will not be included):

  • Publish a copy of your submission on the DELWP website or other Victorian Government website.
  • Quote directly from your feedback in the DELWP response to feedback and subsequent regulatory impact assessment.
  • Make available to other Victorian Government agencies.

For transparency and accountability, the contents of your submission may be published on a Victorian Government website which is accessible worldwide. Any person may view your comments. Your comments may remain on external servers, even once your comments are removed from the original website it was published on.

All submissions are public documents and may be accessed by any member of the public unless you request, and your comments are given, confidential status.

If you are making comment as an organisation, then your comments may be published, including the name of your organisation. If you are making comments as an individual, then your comments may be published, including your postcode but with no other details.

You have the right to access and correct your personal information. Requests for access should be sent to the Manager Privacy, P.O. Box 500 East Melbourne 3002 or contact by phone on 03 9637 8697



The National Heritage listed Great Ocean Road is one of the world's most scenic and iconic coastal touring routes, and Victoria's most significant tourism asset. It is one of Australia’s most popular destinations and attracts more visitors than the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru combined. Like many international tourist destinations, the Great Ocean Road and its landscapes is challenged by increasing numbers of visitors, forces of nature and impacts of climate change.

The Victorian Government is committed to protecting the iconic coasts, parks and scenic landscapes along the Great Ocean Road for generations to come with their own legislation, their own coast and parks authority, their own planning framework and a better planning approval process (outlined in the Great Ocean Road Action Plan that was released in October 2018). This is major reform.

Work has commenced on delivery of the Action Plan. An important early action is the development of long-term objectives and a shared vision of the future of the Great Ocean Road region (Action #8) that is to be given effect in a strategic framework plan for the region.

Visit the Great Ocean Road Action Plan for further information on the background to the project, including the Great Ocean Road Taskforce, the Independent Co-Chairs Final Report and community feedback.