The Proposal

WestWind Energy is proposing to build a wind farm on 16,739 hectares of land located to the south, south east and west of Rokewood (approximately 60 kilometres north west of Geelong), within the Golden Plains Shire.

The Golden Plains Wind Farm includes the construction of 228 turbines, foundations, overhead powerlines and underground cabling, four electrical collector stations, an electrical terminal station, battery energy storage, temporary quarry and other associated works. Construction of the approximately 1000MW wind farm is anticipated to take four years.

WestWind energy has prepared an Environment Effects Statement, to assess potential effects on the environment.

The planning permit application is to use and develop a wind energy facility and associated infrastructure, buildings and works; use and develop a utility installation and associated infrastructure, buildings and works, remove, destroy or lop native vegetation, alter access to a Road Zone 1 and business identification signage.

An Inquiry will be appointed to consider the Environment Effects Statement and planning permit application to the Golden Plains planning scheme and public submissions. Submissions are invited from 4 May to 18 June 2018.


You may inspect the EES and planning permit application and related documentation can be viewed on the WestWind Energy Pty Ltd webpage.

Submissions were invited between 4 May and 18 June 2018.

Directions Hearing

The Directions Hearing was held:

Friday 6 July 2018, 11.00am
Bannockburn Shire (Golden Plains Shire) Hall
12 High Street, Bannockburn

The purpose of the Directions Hearing was to:

  • consider any preliminary or procedural issues and give directions about the conduct of the Hearing including the exchange of any expert witness reports
  • make arrangements for the Hearing, including the Timetable and Hearing venue
  • answer any questions people may have about the Hearing.

You should attend the Directions Hearing if:

  • you are unfamiliar with the process and wish to participate in the Public Hearing process
  • you have questions about the process or wish to raise any procedural issues.

Public Hearings

Any individual who provides a submission also has the opportunity to be heard at the Public Hearing following the submissions process. The Pubic Hearing is open to the public and a timetable will be prepared on the information collected.

The Inquiry will hold public hearings will commence on 30 July 2018 at Bannockburn Shire (Golden Plains Shire) Hall.

Expert witness statements

Contact Us

For questions about how to make a submission and Inquiry process, please contact:

Name Planning Panels Victoria
Phone (03) 8392 5121

For questions about the EES documentation, please contact:

Name Impact Assessment Unit, Department of Environment Land Water and Planning
Phone (03) 8392 5503

For questions about the planning permit documentation, please contact:

Name DELWP State Planning Services - Wind Farms
Phone 8392 5479

For questions about the Golden Plains Wind Farm Project, please contact:

Name WestWind Energy Pty Ltd
Phone (03) 5421 9999