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The land at 67B and 67C McCurdy Road, Herne Hill (the site) has been determined surplus to the Victorian Government's current and future requirements. The site forms part of the former Fyansford Cement Works railway line.

The Victorian Trail Track Corporation (VicTrack) has requested that the planning provisions for the site be changed to reflect that it is no longer required for public use and to help facilitate its sale. Planning provisions are the standards new developments are assessed against.

The Minister for Planning has referred proposed Planning Scheme Amendment C414ggee to the Government Land Standing Advisory Committee (the Committee) for consideration and to provide recommendations on the suitability of the proposed planning scheme changes.

This page includes information on the proposed planning provisions, the Committee process and how to have your say.

What does the proposal do?

Greater Geelong Planning Scheme Amendment C414ggee proposes to:

  • Rezone the site from Public Use Zone 4 (Transport) to Neighbourhood Residential Zone - Schedule 8
  • Apply the Environmental Audit Overlay to the site
  • Apply the Design and Development Overlay - Schedule 14 to the site.

All supporting documents and draft Planning Scheme Amendment documents are available in the Information Pack on this page.

Have your say

Submissions were open from Monday 28 June to 5pm Friday 6 August 2021.

A Directions Hearing was held by video conference on Friday 3 September 2021.

The Public Hearing was held by video conference on Friday 8 October 2021. The Hearing timetable is published on this page under Committee Documents.

If you wish to be heard at the hearing, you must make a submission during the exhibition period and select the option that you wish to be heard. The Committee will consider all written submissions, regardless of whether you request to be heard at the hearing.

This Privacy Collection Statement relates to all submissions collected in relation to the Government Land Standing Advisory Committee (the Committee). Planning Panels Victoria (PPV) is providing administrative services to the Committee.

PPV is part of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and submissions will be managed in accordance with the Department’s Information Privacy Policy. The Department’s Information Privacy Policy is online at

Use of your submission

Your submission has been collected by the Committee for the purpose of helping to develop its advice to the Minister for Planning in accordance with the Terms of Reference.

Natural justice to participants and transparency are important parts of the Committee process. In meeting its legislative requirements and complying with the Terms of Reference, the Committee may do the following with your submission:

  • Provide a copy of your submission to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, relevant Local Councils, Government Agencies and other parties (submitters) to the Hearing
  • Provide a copy of your personal contact details to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning if needed for notification of Ministerial decisions.
  • Display a copy of your submission in the Planning Panels Victoria Office
  • Display a copy of your submission at the relevant Local Council Office, or Government Office as appropriate
  • If a face to face hearing is to be held, provide a copy of your submission in the hearing room.

Publication of your personal information on the Internet

A Committee Report will be published on the internet and may include:

  • The name of the submitter
  • Direct quotes from some of the submission
  • The submitter’s name and address as required.

Please note that even when your personal information is removed from the internet, it may remain on external servers indefinitely.

Hearing of submissions

The Committee will conduct its proceedings through a Hearing.

The Hearing may be held face to face, via telephone conference or via video conference or a combination of these. You should be aware the Committee may:

  • broadcast submissions and proceedings live on the internet
  • record submissions and proceedings
  • make the recording available on request to submitters and parties to the hearing of submissions and third parties
  • publish the recording on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website, Engage Victoria website or other Victorian Government website
  • use your phone contact details to contact you during a telephone/video hearing of submissions as is necessary.

The Committee will direct that parties do not record online hearing of submissions or use them for any other purpose. However, the Committee is unable to guarantee that third parties will not be recording online hearing of submissions, and the use of any such recordings outside the hearing of submissions context cannot be regulated by the Committee.

All participants are reminded that during the Committee process, the privacy of others should be respected and to refrain from the defamation of others.

After the Advisory Committee has reported

PPV will generally remove your submission from the web pages that it controls within six months after the Committee has reported to the Minister for Planning. PPV may extend this period on request of a submitter or party to the Committee process.

PPV cannot guarantee that your submission and other Hearing documents and recordings will be removed from external web pages outside its control. PPV does not provide any explicit or implied consent in this Statement for third parties to display on their or other websites or reproduce for public display, submissions, documents and recordings and other information collected in accordance with this notice.

Your original submission and any additional material provided to the Committee will be held in electronic and/or physical form at PPV and retained in accordance with Government standards for archiving. All additional copies of the submission and other material held by PPV will be securely destroyed.

If you have any concerns in respect to the way your personal information or submission will be used please contact Planning Panels Victoria on (03) 8392 5114.