The Proposal

The land at 9 Maralinga Avenue, Keysborough has been determined surplus to the Victorian Government’s current and future requirements.

The Department of Treasury and Finance, on behalf of the landowner Department of Education and Training, has requested that the planning provisions for the site be changed to reflect that it is no longer required for public use and to help facilitate its sale.

The Minister for Planning has referred Amendment C211gdan to the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme to the independent Government Land Standing Advisory Committee for consideration and to provide recommendations on the suitability of the proposed planning scheme changes.

Existing provisionsProposed changes
Public Use Zone 2 (Education)Neighbourhood Residential Zone – Schedule 1

Development Plan Overlay – Schedule 13
Amend Clause 21.08 to include aboricultural report as a reference document

Directions Hearing

The Directions Hearing will be held by video conference at 10am on Wednesday, 10 February 2021. You can view proceedings by clicking this link.

Public Hearing

The Public Hearing is expected to be held later in February. The date will be confirmed at the Directions Hearing. A timetable will be available on this webpage after the Directions Hearing.

The Hearing is a public event and anyone is welcome to attend. If you wish to make a presentation, please make a submission during the exhibition period using the submission form below.