The Proposals

On 18 March 2018, the Minister for Planning referred the following proposals sites to the Government Land Standing Advisory Committee for consideration

49A Drummond Street

The subject site is located in central Creswick, approximately 20 kilometres north of Ballarat. The land is currently vacant and was previously used as a school pine plantation. It includes dense planted vegetation within the northern portion of the site and scattered vegetation and open grassed areas throughout the remainder of the site. It is currently owned by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and has been declared surplus to its needs. The Department of Treasury and Finance is managing the rezoning and sale of the land on behalf of DELWP.

DTF are conducting further assessment of the potential bushfire risk in line Clause 13 of the State Planning Policy Framework.

Current planning scheme controlsProposed planning scheme controls
ZoningPublic Park and Recreation ZoneGeneral Residential Zone - Schedule 1
OverlaysEnvironmental Significance Overlay - Schedule 1Retain

15 Camp Street, Daylesford

The land at 15 Camp Street, Daylesford (former Daylesford Police Station) has been declared as surplus to the needs of the Department of Justice and Regulation (DOJR). A new police station has been constructed at 12 Vincent Street, Daylesford and the original site is no longer required. The subject site is located on the east side of Camp Street, Daylesford, between Albert Street and Central Springs Road. The site is of a regular shape and has a frontage to Camp Street of approximately 41 metres and an area of 0.25 hecatres. The subject site currently comprises a double-storey brick building formerly used as a Police Station and a single-storey brick residence. Existing semi-mature trees and planted vegetation are present along the frontage of the residence.

Current planning scheme controlsProposed planning scheme controls

Public Use Zone - Schedule 1

General Residential Zone - Schedule 1
OverlaysEnvironmental Significance Overlay - Schedule 1Retain

Environmental Significance Overlay - Schedule 2Retain
Heritage Overlay - HO695Retain

Further Bushfire Risk Assessment

DTF has advised that they need to undertake an assessment of bushfire risk for 49A Drummond Street, Creswick, and 15 Camp Street, Daylesford in light of Clause 13.05 of the Victoria Planning Provisions as both sites are located within a designated bushfire area. This work is expected to take approximately 6 weeks.

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