This working group has been set up to explore the workforce planning and development matters identified within the report - 'Gippsland's Future Health and Community Services Workforce'.

The group will review the report and determine their key areas of focus together, but some examples of areas already being explored include:

- An Education/Sector Career Journey Map incorporating; technical skills, transferable skills, career opportunities, organisation and jobs available, entry and exit points, marketing products

- Best practice tools for Health and Community Services workforce planning

Report Recommendations:

- Continued use of regional skills audits

Working Group

Chair - Suzanne Askew, Central Gippsland Health Service

Secretariat - Holly Perriam, Latrobe Valley Authority


Emma Wilson - Latrobe Community Health Service

Lauren Honig - Latrobe Community Health Service

Trent Kooyman - Federation University

Andrew Waller - Latrobe Valley Authority