This working group has been set up to explore opportunities for promoting the sector, and more widely Gippsland as a great place to work and live. It will explore the issues related to this as identified within the report - 'Gippsland's Future Health and Community Services Workforce'.

The group is yet to meet, but will be established to review the report and determine their key areas of focus together, but some examples of areas which may be explored include:

- Opportunities for promotion

- Health and Community Services Sector forums

- Partnering with Invest Gippsland

- Attraction and retention of staff to Gippsland

- Support for relocating workers and their families

Report Recommendations

- Creation and expansion of partnerships to promote Gippsland

Work underway:

- Invest Gippsland Website - link http://investgippsland.com.au

- Individual local government and provider websites