As part of the project design, we are looking at ways to create a vibrant new gateway to the Sunbury Station precinct while improving connections and safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. We want to hear from the community about how locals use Gap Road and Station Street and what you value about your local area.

Providing feedback on design

You can also share your ideas with us via the survey below about aspects of the design, including materials, landscaping, and public artworks. All feedback will be considered by the project team and used to develop the design. We will continue to keep the community updated as the project progresses.

Providing feedback on planning matters

The Minister for Planning will approve this project under the Hume Planning Scheme, specifically the planning provision Clause 52.03 – Level Crossing Removal Project. This planning provision ensures that the project will be constructed in accordance with plans and documents, which will be approved by the Minister for Planning. These plans and documents consider matters such as environmental management, historical heritage, cultural heritage as well as public consultation and consultation with the Hume City Council.

The project team is seeking community feedback on a range of planning matters, including:

  • construction-related impacts
  • environmental impacts
  • amenity impacts.

  • We would like to provide you with the chance to formally submit your feedback via the survey below. All feedback received will be provided to the Minister for Planning to inform assessment of the project under Clause 52.03.