The purpose of this consultation process was to seek the community’s views on current and future gaming machine arrangements in Victoria.

Information gathered through this process will help inform the development of future regulatory arrangements for gaming machine arrangements in Victoria.

A consultation paper was prepared to provide you with an overview of the current gaming machine arrangements and regulatory framework. The paper raised issues and questions that are designed to assist you to make a submission. You can, however, raise other issues or provide additional information relevant to gaming machines.

Feedback received in response to this consultation paper will be considered in the development of the policy framework for the future regulatory arrangements for Victoria's gaming machines.


If you have a query about the consultation paper or the consultation process, you can contact the Gaming Machine Arrangements Review Project on (03) 8684 1980 or by email at:

Further consultation

Following consideration of the submissions made in response to this paper, the Gaming Machine Arrangements Review Project may invite a person who has made a submission to meet to discuss their submission with the project team.