Land Use Victoria (LUV) is proposing to further improve the efficiency of electronic land conveyancing in Victoria. Currently, 97 per cent of land conveyancing transactions are completed electronically using a secure, reliable and efficient portal. LUV is proposing the next steps in the transition towards 100 per cent electronic lodgement.

The ‘Future options for non-represented parties and certificates of title’ consultation paper presents options to accommodate the small number of conveyancing transactions that may still need to be completed in paper in the future, where parties are non-represented. Non-represented parties are individuals who choose to transact without a lawyer or conveyancer. When a non-represented party seeks to transact with land they can only do so using paper forms. This is a highly inefficient process.

This paper also considers the options available to deal with certificates of title for all property transactions, both paper and electronic, so that the integrity of the Register of land is maintained.

Electronic certificates of title make up 2.3 million of the 3.7 million existing certificates of title. Retaining systems and processes for both paper and electronic certificates of title is complex and inefficient.

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The consultation period has now closed.

Next steps

Feedback has been analysed and summarised and is now available on the Land Use Victoria website. All feedback will be considered and will contribute to the final decision. The Registrar of Titles will provide further advice about any proposed changes as information becomes available in Customer Information Bulletins and the Government Gazette.


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