Feedback Report now available

The first phase of engagement from December 2018 to March 2019 was designed to understand what Victorians value and prioritise for the future of our forests.

Almost 5,000 people participated via online and face to face opportunities, including at Victoria’s first Youth Forest Symposium.

Several common themes of high importance to Victorians have emerged, including; the protection of forests and biodiversity; consideration of the impacts of climate change; and a desire to connect with nature and enjoy access to recreation in forests.

The findings demonstrate that Victoria’s forests are valued for their beauty and biodiversity, and that Victorians want forests preserved for future generations.

These findings are a key input to how we will care for and manage Victoria's forests into the future. This will inform the modernisation of the Regional Forest Agreements, development of the vision for the management of Victoria’s public native forests, development of the State Forest Management Strategy and regional forest management planning.

The full report on what we heard is available below:

Future Of Our Forests - Phase 1 Feedback Report

Appendix 1 - Verbatim Vision Comments

Appendix 2 - Survey Questions

Appendix 3 - Workshop Attendees

Appendix 4 - Youth Symposium Organisation Attendees

We value the contribution of Victorians as we work to reform forest management. More opportunities for input to specific aspects of forest management reform are coming up and will be promoted on the Future of our Forests website.