The Victorian Government in partnership with Traditional Owners is embarking on a major program to reform our forest management and guide the modernisation of the Victorian Regional Forest Agreements.

Victoria's public forests are valuable in their own right, and are important to the community. The connection that Victoria’s Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities' have with Country is core to their culture and wellbeing. Forests provide Victorian communities with a broad range of uses and values that include clean water and air, grand old trees, biodiversity conservation, recreation and connection with nature, and jobs and economic opportunities.

We need to manage our forests for the multiple values they provide so future generations can enjoy and use forests as we do today. The community is key to shaping the future management and use of our forests because public forests are for the community.

You are invited to answer this survey to provide your views on how forest management can be improved, and what you would like from forests into the future.

For more information on the context, history and process visit: https://www2.delwp.vic.gov.au/futureforests

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Tell us what you love about our forests and why.

Click 'Add Marker' and drag and drop a pin showing us the forest(s) you use, enjoy or care about; then tag a category and tell us why it's so important to you: biodiversity, natural environment, cultural activity, recreation, economic benefit or the natural resources our forests produce. You can drop more than one pin.
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Choose one or more of the images below which represent your vision for the future of our forests; and then, inspired by the image(s), please write your vision in words.

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  1. Conserving plants and animals #
  2. Maintaining water and catchment health #
  3. Maintaining natural landscapes #
  4. Storing carbon and mitigating climate change impacts #
  5. Protecting Traditional Owner cultural heritage and living values #
  6. Protecting historic places #
  7. Providing opportunities for recreation and other visitor experiences #
  8. Providing jobs and economic benefits from timber and wood products #
  9. Providing jobs and economic benefits from non-timber forest based industries such as tourism and beekeeping #
  10. Providing firewood and other natural resources for communities #
  11. Providing health and wellbeing benefits to communities #
What are we currently doing well, regarding forest management in Victoria?

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  1. Insufficient opportunities for Traditional Owners to manage our forests #
  2. Limited access to or facilities for the activities I enjoy #
  3. Inadequate protection of Traditional Owner values #
  4. Inadequate protection of historic places #
  5. Insufficient protection of flora and fauna #
  6. Loss of jobs or income for people #
  7. Inadequate management of bushfire risk #
  8. Victorian communities unable to have a say in how forests are managed #
  9. Forest management not adaptive to climate change or major bushfires #
  10. Limited opportunities for accessing resources our forests produce #
What could be done to alleviate your concerns and improve the things you most value about our forests?

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Are you Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?

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