Parks Victoria is developing a Master Plan and Business Case for future government investment in the You Yangs Regional Park and Serendip Sanctuary (You Yangs Precinct).

Surrounded by the growing urban areas of Geelong and western Melbourne, the two sites help protect and conserve important Aboriginal cultural values and the natural environment.

Parks Victoria is committed to protecting these values while exploring new options for increased nature-based visitation and tourism opportunities that contribute to the park and local communities.

The local community, park users and stakeholders are invited to have their say on potential options for the area.

The public consultation closed on Wednesday 16 October. Parks Victoria thanks everyone who took the time to contribute their feedback and ideas. All of the feedback received is being analysed and a consultation findings summary is being prepared.

Community Drop-in Session

Those interested in the You Yangs Regional Park and Serendip Sanctuary are invited to take part in a community drop-in sessions, dates and locations are as follows:

  • Little River, Mechanic’s Institute Hall, Thursday, 10 October 2019, 4:30 – 6:30pm
  • Lara, Lara Hall Saturday, 12 October 2019, 10:30am-12:30pm

At the drop-in sessions, people can hear more about potential options for the development of the Master plan, and share their thoughts.

Map of the You Yangs precinct


Part 1: Demographic Information

These questions help us make sure that we have captured the views of a range of people.
Which of the following statements best describe your connection to the You Yangs Precinct? (please tick all that apply) Required

Part 2: Visitation

Why do you visit the You Yangs Precinct? (tick all that apply) Required
What activities do you undertake at You Yangs Precinct? (tick all that apply) Required
When you visit the You Yangs Precinct, how do you get there? (You may select more than one response) Required

If yes please describe below, for example, did you purchase accommodation, equipment hire, food and beverages, petrol?

Part 3: Future Opportunities

The following questions are related to possible options for the You Yangs Precinct, please provide your comment.

The following guiding principles have been developed from background investigations and stakeholder feedback.

Principle 1: Culturally connected

The You Yangs Precinct will recognise and celebrate its rich and valued Aboriginal heritage
Please select your 3 preferred options. Required

Principle 2: Engaging with and preserving natural assets

The You Yangs Precinct will evolve to accommodate and promote further nature based visitation, while protecting its environmental values and unique attributes to maintain it as a special place.
Please select your 3 preferred options. Required

Principle 3: Quality experiences

The You Yangs Precinct will support and improve the existing activities and operations whilst embracing opportunities to diversify experiences that capture the spirit and stories of the place.
Please select your preferred 5 options. Required

Principle 4: Locally and regionally contextual

Visitors sense the seamlessness of the journey and connection between the You Yangs Precinct and communities across Greater Geelong, Wyndham and western region of Victoria.
Please select your preferred 3 options. Required

Part 4: Further Opportunities

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Collection Notice

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