The Victorian Government is committed to providing the best possible health care for all Victorians.

As part of this commitment, the Department of Health and Human Services is reviewing how public health care services are provided in Mildura and surrounding areas.

A private company has been operating Mildura Base Hospital in a contract arrangement with State Government, decided in 1998, and the agreement will expire in 2020 (with the possibility of extension to 2022).

Therefore, the department is taking the opportunity to listen to community views on the provision of health care services in Mildura now and into the future.

The review process will look at a range of areas including current health needs, projected future health requirements, current health care standards, feedback from health professionals and opinions from the community.

We want to hear what is important to you – because we want to make sure you receive meaningful health care services now and into the future.

Consultation with the community will run over the next two months.

How can I participate?

There are many ways you can get involved in the community consultation process. They include:

Online survey

Complete the short survey below.

Provide a submission

You may also wish to provide a written submission. You can either upload your submission directly below or send by email to milduraconsultation@dhhs.vic.gov.au.

Register to attend a consultation session

If you would like to attend a small group session, please register by sending your name and contact details to milduraconsultation@dhhs.vic.gov.au.

Face-to-face consultation sessions will be scheduled in October with details to follow soon.


Q1. Do you live in the Mildura area?
Q3. Please select your gender
Q4. What age bracket do you fall into?
Q5. Do you believe the current health services in Mildura and the surrounding areas meets the needs of the community?
Q6. Do you feel confident that the current health services in Mildura and the surrounding areas can meet the needs of the community into the future?

Drag from the left column to the right column

  1. Mental health #
  2. Aboriginal health #
  3. Access to specialists #
  4. Emergency treatment (Emergency Department) #
  5. Children's health services (Paediatrics) #
  6. Maternal health #
  7. Palliative care services (for people with life-threatening illnesses) #
  8. Access to General Practitioners #
  9. Access to elective surgery #
Q8. What qualities of a hospital are most important to you? (Choose as many as applicable)
Q9. What is your main interest in Mildura Base Hospital?
Q10. Have you (or someone close to you, such as a family member) used the Mildura Base Hospital in the past 5 years?
Q11. As a local resident, how important is the role of the Mildura Base Hospital in the community to you?

Mildura Base Hospital provides public health services and is currently operated by a private healthcare company under a contractual arrangement with the State Government, decided in 1998. How would you like public health services at Mildura Base Hospital to be provided in the future?

Q12. Would you prefer the Mildura Base Hospital to be publicly operated or remain privately operated?
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Privacy collection notice

The Department of Health and Human Services (the department) is committed to protecting your privacy. 

The survey is anonymous but you can request to be updated on the results of the survey by emailing milduraconsultation@dhhs.vic.gov.au. 

The department will ensure that individuals will not be identified from the personal information contained in survey responses. All personal identifiers will be removed by staff at the department before being stored securely within the department. Only de-identified data and results of the surveys will be made publicly available. 

For more information on the department’s collection, use and disclosure of personal information, please refer to the department’s privacy policy through our website: https://dhhs.vic.gov.au/publications/privacy-polic...