The Victorian agriculture sector produces over $14.9 billion worth of milk, fruit, vegetables, meat, fibre, eggs and grain, and supports a $41.5 billion food processing industry. Attracting and training people to meet the needs of Victoria's world-class agriculture sector is vital to ensuring that it continues to grow, boosting the Victorian economy and creating jobs across the state. The Future of Agriculture Training Review will examine the key factors required to attract students to agriculture training and ensure courses delivered through government subsidised training meets the needs of employers and students now and into the future.

How to participate

We are seeking your feedback on agriculture training and skills acquisition in Victoria. We would value your response.

Next steps

Feedback will be collected between 20 September and 31 October 2021. Contributions from stakeholders will be analysed and key themes and areas of focus developed. Input from stakeholders will be analysed to identify key themes and areas for action. A report on the findings together with a series of recommendations will be developed for consideration by the Minister for Skills and Training. The final report will be delivered to the Minister in December 2021.

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  • TAFEs, Learn Local and private / other RTOs

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    School teachers, careers advisors, parents.

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Privacy collection notice

This Privacy Notice outlines how personal information will be collected and used as part of the Future of Agriculture Training in Victoria Review (the Consultation).

Any personal, health and sensitive information submitted with your online submission, answers, email submission or posted submission, as part of the Consultation, will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Data and Protection Act 2014 (Vic) (the PDP Act), the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) (the HR Act) and the Public Records Act 1973 (Vic).

The purpose of this Consultation is to inform the future actions required to strengthen training and increase enrolments in agriculture courses. The Consultation seeks to do so through stakeholder engagement with agriculture sector employers, training providers and students.

Participation in this Consultation is voluntary and anonymous. You will be asked certain demographic information including:

  • stakeholder group (for e.g., agriculture industry, training provider, school, student)
  • occupation (for e.g., industry professional, teacher, student, other)

Please avoid adding any information that may identify yourself or others in your submission. If found, identifying information (such as name or location) may be removed.

What will my information be used for?

The information you provide, and your online submissions, will be provided to Department of Education and Training (DET) staff involved in administrating the Consultation, which includes secretariat support staff within the Engagement and Workforce Division. Your submissions will be used to inform a report that captures key themes discussed from consultations. The report will be provided to the Minister for Training and Skills, Gayle Tierney in December 2021. You will not be identified in the report.

All information collected from consultations will be used for the purposes of the consultation or where otherwise permitted by law. This information may also be used by DET to inform decision making, including policy changes relating to the improvement of the implementation of Future of Agriculture Training in Victoria Review.

The information will be stored securely on a password-protected computer in the Department of Education and Training, in Victoria.