The $562 million redevelopment and expansion of Frankston Hospital will deliver world-class healthcare facilities for the local community.

The redevelopment will deliver a multi-level services tower including two new operating theatres, a new main entrance, capacity for 120 more beds and dedicated spaces for mental health and oncology services.

With more families making Frankston home, the redevelopment will also deliver expanded women and children's services.

The redevelopment is being delivered as a public private partnership. Frankston Hospital will continue to be a public hospital, with all clinical health services operated and provided by Peninsula Health.

The Frankston Hospital redevelopment is expected to create up to 1,700 jobs at the peak of construction and in new opportunities for the healthcare sector.

What we've heard

In our recent community survey, we heard from more than 300 people on the healthcare services and community benefits that are important to them.

We're listening and are starting to hear the things that matter to the local community. Things like quality of services, car parking, inclusive spaces for families and making it easier to find your way around the hospital.

You can read a summary of the results on our website or access it in the Document Library below.

Have your say on key spaces

Now, we want to hear from you on some of the key spaces in the redeveloped hospital. Have your say below and help us to shape a Frankston Hospital that is welcoming and inclusive.

Community feedback will be shared with the companies shortlisted to deliver the redevelopment, with the opportunity for input to be reflected in the design, construction and operations of the new facility.

By better understanding the ideas and aspirations of the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula community, the successful bidder will have the best opportunity to design and build a hospital for Frankston that truly reflects the community it serves.

Consultation closes at 9am on Monday 21 December.

If you need additional support to participate, please contact fhrproject@vic.gov.au. Learn more about the Frankston Hospital redevelopment on our website.

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We're building a bigger and better hospital for Frankston and Mornington Peninsula families.

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The Victorian Government has provided $562 million to deliver a significant expansion of Frankston Hospital.

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The redevelopment will deliver: additional beds, more operating theatres, better, integrated mental health services, expanded maternity and paediatric services, improved cancer facilities and additional carparking.

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Delivering better care for the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula community.

Have your say

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Responses to this consultation are anonymous. Where a question asks you to comment, please do not include any personal information (information that could identify you or anyone else). To find out more about how we use your personal information, scroll down to see our privacy collection notice or refer to the department's privacy policy.

Key spaces

A hospital for Frankston

Help us to better understand what it means to build a hospital for the people of Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula.

I'm proud to live or work in Frankston and/or the Mornington Peninsula because...

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19 December, 2020

Healing Light says:

I am proud to live in Frankston, My Children grew up in the city of Frankston, and The Next Generation too. Beautiful City & Hospital.

19 December, 2020

Shell says:

We have the best beaches and beautiful native flora and fauna in our backyard.

9 December, 2020

Rhi says:

Children’s oncology would be extremely helpful and save a lot of parents from the peninsula the travel!

9 December, 2020

Jenna says:

It's a great place to live - open natural spaces.

8 December, 2020

Dan says:

Incorporating native gardens within the hospital design to create a space to get fresh air, to destress and connect with nature

7 December, 2020

Fallon says:

There are so many facilities in the area, uni, Tafe, shopping centre, hospitals, etc, in a stunning natural setting!

5 December, 2020

Mithrani Mahadeva says:

I live in the City of Frankston, As we have a ageing population and Dementia , A sensory Garden. a Dementia ward' s.

5 December, 2020

A Loved One says:

A Hub where those with Mental Health/ AOD presentations can be triaged to, to receive expert help & peer support-includes family members too

5 December, 2020

A Loved One says:

Recognition & provision of effective, patient centred care for those with Dual Diagnosis is urgently needed. Care with compassion & dignity.

5 December, 2020

Otello Filippi says:

I am a foreigner and I think Frankston is the best place to live.

5 December, 2020

Eils Ryan says:

I would like to see a “ sensory space” where children with ASD and other disabilities can safely go when overwhelmed in a hospital setting

4 December, 2020

Robyn Sonneveld says:

Please put in radiotherapy it would be great to have a public facility on the peninsula

Image of Frankston Victoria

Privacy Collection Notice

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