The Victorian Government is committed to ensuring food served in our health services is nutritious, high quality and, where possible, locally sourced, supporting Victorian farmers and producers. This involved a comprehensive review of food in Victorian public hospitals and public residential aged care facilities (the Review).

As part of this Review, the (then) Department of Health and Human Services gathered feedback about food served in our health services from the wider community via the consultation survey that was available on this webpage, as well as from hospital patients via the Victorian Health Experience Survey. We also talked directly (via independently-conducted interviews) to residents living in some of our public residential aged care services (PSRACS) to get their lived experience regarding food.

The Review also involved a comprehensive survey sent to every public hospital and aged care service across Victoria, as well as visits to some services.

The Review, conducted from October 2019 to February 2020, looked at aspects of food - including the nutritional value, quality (taste, variety and cultural diversity), as well as how much of the food purchased is produced locally, in Victoria.

Information on the findings and outcomes of the Review, including a summary report, can be found on the Department of Health website