Community Consultation

Education, good health and wellbeing transform lives

How can schools deliver all these services for our community?

The Victorian Government is committed to developing an Education Plan for Franskton North including local schools Aldercourt Primary, Mahogany Rise Primary and Monterey Secondary College.

Last year, we came to your community to investigate how we can reach the Education State objectives below:

Learning for life: More students achieving excellence in reading, maths, science and the arts.

Happy, healthy and resilient kids: Building the resilience of our children, and encouraging them to be more physically active.

Breaking the link: Ensuring more students stay in school, and breaking the link between disadvantage and poorer outcomes for students.

Pride and confidence in our schools: Making sure every community has access to excellence, in every school and classroom.

Please refer to the Frankston North Community Engagement report summary below to see what we heard from your community.


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Education Plan

Transforming education, good health and wellbeing for the Frankston North community

Last year, we asked you to contribute thoughts and ideas for the Frankston North Education Plan.

Thanks to your input, and that from education experts, this plan will make sure kids are ready and resilient when they start school, and will support lifelong learning in the wider community.

The Victorian Government will invest $15 million to deliver the first stage of a plan to lift education outcomes for students at Monterey Secondary College, Mahogany Rise and Aldercourt Primary Schools.

Your feedback demonstrated that disadvantage, and health and social challenges were leaving many children unprepared for school – resulting in higher absenteeism, lower results and more students leaving school early. For more information, see the Frankston North Education Plan.

The $15 million first stage funding for the precinct will provide:

  • $9.5 million to upgrade Monterey Secondary College, including developing a ‘centre of excellence’ that will align with local industry needs, and expanding the Doctors in Secondary Schools Program facilities
  • $5 million to upgrade Mahogany Rise Primary School, including integrating a nearby early learning centre
  • $500,000 to start planning for Stage 2, including upgrading Aldercourt Primary School.

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