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The Victorian Government recognises the importance of rejuvenating and transforming education in Melbourne's inner north-west and announced the Flemington Education Plan in the 2018-19 State Budget.

The Flemington area will continue to see urban and population growth over the next five to ten years. The Flemington Education Plan will determine the education needs required to meet that growth, and to respond to the diverse needs of its growing community.

Schools involved in the plan include Flemington Primary School, Debney Meadows Primary School, Mount Alexander College, and Ascot Vale Special School.

Community consultation

To help create a shared vision for the future of education in Flemington, the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) engaged with students, teachers, parents and community members in the Flemington neighbourhood from 2 May to 14 June 2019.

Around 700 people participated in the community consultation via:

  • 411 online survey responses
  • 267 students, staff and parents of the four schools attended 13 workshops.

The VSBA also reached out to the broader local community through social media (reaching 30,497 people) and two community pop-up sessions to encourage community input into the Flemington Education Plan.

Through the consultation phase, the community was asked to identify:

  • the top things that contribute to a good school
  • what barriers exist for them to achieve a quality education
  • what additional support would help better provide a quality education.

The community findings indicated that high-quality teaching, good facilities, a safe and inclusive environment, and student-centred learning are key factors to consider as part of the Flemington Education Plan.

Findings also indicated that providing additional learning support based on each student’s needs, and better health and wellbeing support, will help students feel engaged, happy and safe at schools.

Feedback from the consultation is being used to help shape the Flemington Education Plan.

Current progress

While the Flemington Education Plan is being developed, the four schools are exploring opportunities to share resources and leverage each other’s strengths. This includes working together to develop a range of shared programs and approaches, to improve teaching and learning for all four schools.

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