Community engagement is now closed

Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide feedback. We received over 200 comments from the community through a wide range of activities; community drop-in session, online survey and comment board.

Your feedback will help inform the next phase of the Flemington Education Plan. We hope to release the report of our community engagement with you in the next few months, and thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions or further comments please feel free to contact us directly via email or phone.For more details please go to The Victorian School Building Authority website here.


Thank you to everyone who completed our online survey. This survey has now closed.

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2. I am a

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3. Do you usually speak a language other than English at home?
4. What school do you/your child currently attend?
5. What are the top 5 things that are important to you when choosing a school?

Please rank all of the following responses from the most important (1) to the least important (12).

  1. Good quality school facilities #
  2. Flexible learning spaces (movable walls for different activities) #
  3. Quality teaching #
  4. Innovative curriculum (speciality courses) #
  5. Local schools working together #
  6. Opportunities for parent involvement #
  7. Student voice and leadership #
  8. Individualised learning (catering for each student) #
  9. School that is safe and secure #
  10. School specialising on particular strengths (music, sport, science, etc) #
  11. Extracurricular programs #
  12. Outdoor recreation and communal areas #
9. What would support you/your child and family to obtain a quality education?
10. What wellbeing services would help?

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.