On 30 January 2018, the Fisheries (Fees, Royalties and Levies) Regulations 2008 will expire. The regulations allow the government to recover some of the costs of providing services to Victoria’s commercial fishers and to set the licence price for recreational fishers. To continue this arrangement, new regulations must be made before 30 January 2018.

With the Victorian Fisheries Authority, the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR), has developed proposed new regulations – the Fisheries (Fees, Royalties and Levies) Regulations 2017 – and an associated Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS), which explains the reasons for, and the impact of, the proposed new Regulations.

Regulations should be well targeted, effective and appropriate, and should not impose undue burden on Victorian businesses or the broader community. To assist in meeting these criteria, the Minister for Agriculture has released the proposed new Regulations and the RIS for public comment. The proposed Regulations and RIS were informed by a review of the current Regulations undertaken by the former Fisheries Victoria.

How to make a submission

Public consultation on the proposed Regulations has now closed.