Help us understand what the proposed fees and charges for Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) services mean for you.

FRV is being established as a new organisation. It is replacing the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFB) and bringing together the MFB and the Country Fire Authority (CFA) career firefighters under one organisation.

The proposed regulations prescribe various operational matters for FRV, including:

  • fees and charges for services
  • insignia
  • alarm monitoring requirements.

The Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) primarily looks at fees charged for attendance by FRV firefighters at false alarms without a reasonable excuse. It recommends retaining the current fee levels.

The RIS also proposes to align FRV with CFA’s current power to charge for fire protection services and to recover additional costs in relation to hazardous materials and toxic fire incidents.

Public feedback is requested on the RIS and the proposed fees and charges for FRV. This is to ensure impacts on individuals and businesses are appropriately considered.

All submissions will be treated as public unless requested to be made confidential.

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Submissions close 19 June 2020.

Using the Regulatory Impact Statement as a reference please provide your response here. We ask that you do not identify other people or organisations in your feedback.

Your submission will treated as public unless you request it be confidential.

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The Department will use submissions to finalise the Fire Rescue Victoria (General) Regulations 2020. Submissions will be made publicly available unless you advise the Department otherwise.

Please do not identify other people or organisations in your submission.

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