The Government is seeking your feedback on the proposed Fines Reform Regulations 2017 and Infringement Amendment Regulations 2017. These regulations are being introduced as part of the commencement of the Fines Reform Act 2014, which provides for a simpler, easier and fairer fines system in Victoria.

The department has prepared a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) that outlines the changes to the cost recovery scheme. All interested individuals and organisations, including associated peak bodies, are encouraged to provide feedback by making a submission.

It is important to regularly provide evidence to support the new regulations as part of a transparent regulatory fee structure. The RIS addresses these requirements and clearly demonstrates the benefits of a modernised fines enforcement system. The new system, under Fines Victoria, is designed to make it fairer and easier for the public to engage with.

This feedback will inform the final regulations to be made in late 2017.

Submissions are now closed

Submissions closed at 5pm on Thursday 2 November 2017.

Submissions may be published online after the closing date of the submission period.