The Fines Reform Advisory Board has been asked by the government to provide independent advice on how the fines system is working since reforms introduced by the Fines Reform Act 2014 that took effect at the start of 2018.

This advice will consider the four key intentions of fines reform:

  1. Improving the administration of the collection and enforcement of fines
  2. A fair, transparent and streamlined review process, reducing the burden on courts
  3. Deterring fine avoidance
  4. Supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged people through social justice initiatives

Stories about your contact with the fines system will help inform the advice and recommendations in the Advisory Board’s report to be submitted to the Attorney-General in March 2020.

The Advisory Board looks forward to hearing from you, to understand your issues and ideas, and help continue building a better fines system.

We want to hear first-hand about your experience and understand your issues.

We know you have had concerns – or you may see opportunities – for further improvement with the way the fines system is currently operating or some unintended consequences of fines reform.

We understand there has been frustration. That’s front and centre in the Advisory Board’s consideration and that’s why we’re keen to hear from you.

Ken Lay, Chair of the Fines Reform Advisory Board.

Tell us your story

Submissions close 3 February 2020.

When contributing below you will have a chance to give your feedback via free text response. When providing your text responses, please avoid offering information that could identify you.

Tell us about your experience with the fines system

Your experience of the fines system will be used to inform recommendations to be included in the Advisory Board's report to the Attorney-General. Your experience may be included as a case study in the report.

If your experience is used as a case study, we will not identify any personal information about you. You can consent to your story being used in the report by ticking the box below. Your story will only be included in the report if you tick this box.

Receiving a fine

Which of the following best describes you?
Who issued the infringement notice to you?
How well do you (or your clients) understand the information on fines notices?
Who have you spoken to about managing fines?

Pick as many as appropriate

Reviewing a fine

Have you (or your client) applied for a review?
If you (or your client) applied for a fine review, what was your reason?
What was the outcome of the review?

Paying a fine

If you received a court fine, have you (or your client) been able to pay the fine?
If no, what stopped you paying your fine?

Pick as many as appropriate

Help with a fine

Have you (or your client) managed a fine using any of these methods?

Pick as many as appropriate

About you

Help with fines

The Advisory Board can’t resolve issues with your fines. Information about dealing with fines can be found at www.fines.vic.gov.au or by contacting the enforcement agency or court that issued the fine.

Collection Notice

The Fines Reform Advisory Board is committed to protecting personal information that you share in accordance with the privacy principles in the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (VIC). The Advisory Board will use, manage and protect any personal information collected from you in accordance with these laws.

The Advisory Board will not disclose any information without your consent, except where required to do so by law.

You may contact the Advisory Board to request access to your personal information, or regarding other concerns regarding the privacy of your personal information at FinesAdvisoryBoard@justice.vic.gov.au.

If you do not wish to provide your personal information the Advisory Board will not be able to inform you when the public report is released or identify your story if you wish to access it, make a correction or require technical support.

For more information on how the advisory board uses, manages and protects any personal information collected from you and how you can access and correct that information, please refer to the Fines Reform Advisory Board Information Privacy Policy.