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Since its opening in 2002, Federation Square has become one of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks. A meeting place for all Melburnians in the centre of our city and home to some of Victoria’s leading cultural institutions, it welcomes approximately 10 million visitors every year.

The Square is going through a period of change and in 2019 the Victorian Government established an independent review, co-chaired by Jill Garner (Victorian Government Architect) and Tim Eddy (former Managing Partner of Ernst and Young) that aimed to ensure this key community asset continues to be an exciting, appealing and attractive place to visit.

The Federation Square Review bought together Victoria's best urban design minds and tapped into the ideas and aspiration of more than 1,800 Victorians. It also examined Federation Square’s financial and governance arrangements. The review considered ways to deliver a vibrant and attractive precinct with more public and commercial space, encouraging gatherings and providing better access to the Yarra River, transport links and sporting and cultural precincts.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Capire Consulting Group (Capire) was engaged by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) to lead and report on the community engagement process.

Stage One involved approximately 1,700 people who provided input to the review on a range of core issues, including ideas for the future, what they wished to change and what they thought should be protected. See below for a selection of the community ideas that were gathered during this phase.

The full Public Consultation report outlining the Stage One findings is available in the 'Document Library' below.

Stage Two involved a more detailed discussion with community and stakeholder groups with the purpose of assisting government to develop a community-informed vision and purpose for Federation Square.

The final stage of the review brought together the inputs from the public and stakeholder consultations with insights gained through the financial and governance review to create a report and a suit of recommendations to government.

The Federation Square Review is now complete.

The final report on the review was delivered to government in July 2020. The government has accepted the recommendations and has announced initial actions including announcing a significant upgrade project. Read the Victorian Government’s media release responding to the review below.

We are grateful to all those who took the time to share their views and ideas throughout this process.

Federation Square Review 2020: Key findings and future directions

The review overwhelmingly found that Federation Square is valued as a place to experience arts and culture, to participate in exciting events and festivals, and to come together and celebrate as a community.

The Government has accepted its recommendations and key initial actions include:

  • Adoption of a community-driven vision emphasising Federation Square’s cultural and civic impact and the need to enliven the space with captivating experiences
  • A commitment to embrace the Yarra and better connect with the adjacent arts and sports precincts
  • Adherence to design principles and strategies to ensure any future physical changes “must aspire to match the quality of the original”, to be enabled in part by the creation of a design advisory board
  • Incorporating Federation Square in the Government’s Creative Industries portfolio alongside other cultural and civic icons such as National Gallery Victoria, Arts Centre Melbourne and State Library Victoria

Download the full report: Federation Square Review 2020: Key findings and future directions

Media release: New era dawns at Federation Square – Our meeting place

Martin Foley MP: Minister for Creative Industries

Jill Garner: Co-Chair Federation Square Review

Tim Eddy: Co-Chair Federation Square Review

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Tell us your big idea for Federation Square

3 October, 2019

Lewis Sayer says:

“Melbourne has wasted too much time before on gimmicky design contests for public spaces . Uninformed public comments do not lead anywhere.”

2 October, 2019

Roslyn says:

“none specifically at the moment”

2 October, 2019

Michael Rigg says:

“A better managed range of food. An Architecture museum- Melbourne has a lot to say and it is overdue. Federation museum - a unique story”

1 October, 2019

mjpghughes says:

“The addition of trees and shrubs to create shade and cooling in the summer.”

30 September, 2019

studioButcher says:

“Bring back the community garden (similar to the original Pop Up Patch) on the top deck of the car park. ”

30 September, 2019

Metro Fed says:

“Build multi level glass shard to original specs over Metro entrance, a museum, dance hall, bookshop, open air cinema - tinyurl.com/metrofed”

30 September, 2019

studioButcher says:

“Complement the focus of design and architecture with experimental mobility installations on and around Fed Square East - a biennial expo.”

30 September, 2019

Janet Graham says:

“See attached submission — I now see I can't attach a submission!!! Time is running out, so this will have to do.”

30 September, 2019

Micho says:

“1. Make it Victorian Heritage. 2. Landscape/architecture competition to include more vegetation (shade in summer) and sitting areas/ways.”

30 September, 2019

peter says:

“A direct pedestrian connection from Hosier Lane to the atrium. Flinders Street is like a wall to the square. ”

30 September, 2019

krwblues says:

“Perhaps more foliage. In summer those bricks can bake.”

30 September, 2019

Kallista says:

“See above”

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