Ten priority themes and projects provide the focus for the second phase of delivery of Victoria's family violence reform. We encourage respondents with expertise or interest in one or more of those priority areas to focus their feedback by selecting those areas individually and providing responses to the questions relating to the material we have provided.

You may prefer instead to provide a single set of responses to our RAP2 material. We have therefore combined all the information from the 10 priority areas into a single PDF (below). This can be viewed or downloaded and referred to as you provide your responses to the questions.

NOTE: You can complete this set of questions in addition to providing responses for specific priority areas.

A guide to the consolidated material

This consolidated package of information highlights what government has done so far, and what it intends to do over the coming three years, to continue delivery of the family violence reform. For each priority area you will find a series of slides:

  • Family Violence Reform - Overview provides an introduction to the reform and RAP2 (Slide 2 in each set)
  • The priority area overview which summarises what government is doing and shows how activities for that priority support the achievement of the Family Violence Outcomes Framework (FVOF) as we continue to implement Royal Commission recommendations (Slide 3 in each set)
  • Achievements since 2016 showcases key achievements during RAP1 (Slide 4 in each set)
  • Rolling action plan 2020 – 2023 sets out the activities government proposes to deliver for this priority over the next three years (Slide 5 in each set)
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts reflects on how coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted court reform initiatives (Slide 6 in each set)
  • Reform principles shows how the three reform principles (Aboriginal self-determination, lived experience and intersectionality) have been considered in planning how to inform the court response to family violence. (Slide 7 in each set)

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Would you like to read about and provide feedback for another RAP2 priority theme or project?

There are 10 priority themes and projects for RAP2. If you would like to contribute to the development of our plans for other priority areas please click on the link below to return to the homepage.

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