Visy Industries Australia Pty Ltd (Visy) have applied for a development licence to upgrade the glass recycling facility located at 46-52 Dohertys Road, Laverton.

The proposed upgrade will replace the existing glass recycling plant, as well as one of the glass crushing plants. A copy of the development licence application (APP002359) and appendices can be viewed in the 'Supporting documents' section of this page.

What does the application propose?

Visy are proposing to upgrade the glass recycling facility at 46-52 Dohertys Road, Laverton. Visy holds an operating licence (OL000163923) for the prescribed permission activity H05a (Glass works - manufacturing) which is currently conducted at the site.

The new glass recycling plant is designed to process 40 tonnes of recyclable container glass per hour, an increase from the current rate of 24 tonnes per hour. The overall capacity to process container glass at the facility is proposed to double as a result of the proposed upgrade. The new recycling plant will produce furnace ready recyclable container glass (cullet) which can be used in the manufacturing of new glass containers.

An application for a planning permit for the proposed glass recycling facility upgrade has been made to Wyndham City Council (reference WYP12855/21).

For more information on the development licence process see EPA development licences.


On 1 July 2021, the new Environment Protection Act 2017 and Environment Protection Regulations 2021 commenced. These laws introduce a new environment protection regulatory model for Victoria.

These new laws include a new permissions scheme. Under this scheme, works approvals are replaced by development licences.

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