United Star Resource Pty Ltd have applied for a long route licence (service order number 3036871) to operate its existing e-waste recycling facility located at 494 Boundary Rd Derrimut VIC 3026.

United Star Resource is part of parent company, Nanjing Huanwu, who has more than 16 years local and international continuous investment in e-waste recycling

The full application can be viewed in the 'Supporting documents’ section of this page.

For more information on the works approval process see EPA works approvals (publication 1523.2).

What is a Long-route licence?

A long-route licence is a statutory approval issued by EPA following completion of works where a works approval was required but was not obtained. A licence is required as determined by the Environment Protection (Scheduled Premises) Regulations 2017.

The assessment of a long-route licence application follows the same process as a works approval assessment. At the end of the assessment, the applicant will receive a licence allowing them to operate a scheduled activity subject to certain conditions.

For more information on the works approval process see EPA works approvals (publication 1523.2).

What this application proposes

United Star Resource operate an e-waste recycling facility located within the West Part Industrial Estate in Derrimut.

The facility aims to process 500 tonnes per year of specified electronic waste, enabling the recycling of up to 96 per cent of received volumes, diverting materials from landfill and maximising the recovery of recyclable components.

United Star Resource collect all forms of e-waste and including wastes handled as part of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS). The e-waste received is from a diverse range of industries as well as other waste management companies.

United Star Resource are seeking approval for a licenced volume of 500 ton of material at any one time. To include the following e-waste streams:

    • computer networks and servers
    • PC’s, laptops and peripherals
    • hard drives
    • phone systems and network switches
    • mobile devices
    • security systems
    • audio visual equipment
    • medical (non-contaminated) equipment
    • other assorted electronic products.

Batteries are removed and segregated by battery type for collection and processing by an accredited battery recycler transport company.

The premises is a fully enclosed indoor facility. Mechanical processing involves the shredding of waste using the shredding machine.

Latest update

Statutory clock paused

EPA sent a Section 22 request for further information from United Star Resource Pty Ltd. on 21 January.

This notice is available to review in Supporting documents.

As no reply was received by 5 pm 29 January 2021, the statutory clock on this application has paused.

Previous updates

The Q&A for this application closed on 29 September. No questions were asked of EPA or the applicant.