Tru-Blu Oil Australia Pty Ltd have applied for a long-route licence, under section 20(8) of the Environment Protection Act 1970, where a works approval was required but was not obtained.

The premises is located at 6 Dunlop Court, Bayswater, VIC 3153.

The applicant operates a facility washing used containers (drums and intermediate bulk containers) that previously stored oils and solvents. These containers are washed and recycled.

The full application can be viewed in the 'Supporting documents’ section of this page.

What is a long-route licence?

A long-route licence is a statutory approval issued by EPA following completion of works where a works approval was required but was not obtained. A licence is required as determined by the Environment Protection (Scheduled Premises) Regulations 2017.

The assessment of a long-route licence application follows the same process as a works approval assessment. At the end of the assessment, the applicant will receive a licence allowing them to operate a scheduled activity subject to certain conditions.

For more information on the works approval process see EPA works approvals (publication 1523.2).

The Environment Protection Act requires us to make a decision on a long-route licence within six months of receiving a complete application. We may request further information from the applicant during the process or require an extension of time to complete the assessment.

What this application proposes

The application is for a licence to manage and operate a facility for washing used drums and intermediate bulk containers (which previously stored oil and solvents), paint the washed containers, fill them with new oil, and on-sell them.

Latest update

In lieu of a face-to-face information session, interested persons were encouraged to ask any questions about the long route license process or Tru-Blu Oil Australia Pty Ltd proposal in a Q&A on this page.

The Q&A has now closed, no questions were asked of EPA or Tru-Blu Oil.

The submission period has now closed. EPA received 3 submissions.