Repurpose-It Pty Ltd has applied for a development licence (APP009038) to develop an organic waste receival and processing facility at its existing 460 Cooper St, Epping, waste management and recycling facility. The facility would receive municipal and commercial solid and liquid food wastes and green organic wastes and process them into compost.

The full application can be viewed in the 'Supporting documents’ section of this page.

For more information on the development licence process see Development Licences.

What does the application propose?

Repurpose-It proposes to process 215,000 tonnes per annum of the municipal and commercial, solid and liquid food wastes and green organic, and grease trap wastes. The facility would comprise a pre-treatment receival, up to twenty fully-enclosed in-vessel aerobic composting units, an anaerobic digestion plant with a biofilter and associated energy recovery for the biogas generated. Aerobically-composted material would be matured and stored on external engineered pads. Wastewater would be either reused or treated and discharged to sewer. The finished compost would be sold directly or blended into other products, such as soil mixes.

The biogas generated from the organic processing would be converted into electricity for export back to the grid, leading to equivalent emission savings of 19,355 t CO2e at full capacity.

The project would be developed in five stages.


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