EPA Victoria has received the application for a long-route licence from Envirostream Australia Pty Ltd, in relation to specified e-waste reprocessing for the premises at 20-22 Berwick Rd, Campbellfield, 3061, VIC.

The full application can be viewed in the 'Supporting documents’ section of this page.

For more information on the works approval process see EPA works approvals (publication 1523.2).

What is a long-route licence?

A long-route licence is a statutory approval issued by EPA following completion of works where a works approval was required but was not obtained. A licence is required as determined by the Environment Protection (Scheduled Premises) Regulations 2017.

The assessment of a long-route licence application follows the same process as a works approval assessment. At the end of the assessment, the applicant will receive a licence allowing them to operate a scheduled activity subject to certain conditions.

For further information on works approvals and EPA’s works approval process, refer to EPA works approvals (publication 1523).

The Environment Protection Act 1970 requires us to decide on a long-route licence within six months of receiving a complete application. We may request further information from the applicant during the process or require an extension of time to complete the assessment.

What this application proposes

The application is for an EPA licence to manage and operate a specified e-waste recycling and resource recovery facility. The e-waste facility operates an end of life mixed battery recycling facility. Six principal end of life battery streams are collected from retailers. The streams include lithium ion batteries, lithium metal batteries, alkaline batteries, nickel calcium batteries, nickel metal hydrate batteries and lead acid batteries.

Envirostream is seeking an approval for a licence to process more than 500 tonnes of e-waste per year and store no more than 308 tonnes of material at any one time. Of the 308 tonnes of material, Envirostream proposes to store 36 tonnes to be unprocessed e-waste, 115 tonnes to be unprocessed specified e-waste, 80 tonnes to be mixed batteries and 77 tonnes to be processed material.

All operations occur within a fully enclosed building and operates from 7am - 5pm Monday – Friday.

A Hume City Council planning permit is still required.

Latest update

Operating Licence issued

EPA has issued an operating licence, subject to conditions, to Envirostream Australia PTY LTD. This allows Envirostream to operate a battery recycling facility - A02b (Other waste treatment – e-waste >500 tonnes) at 20 Berwick Road Campbellfield 3061. The premises currently undertakes battery recycling activities, and the licence allows Envirostream to increase their reprocessing capacity above the prescribed permission activity threshold, to meet the forecasted demands from end-of-life battery recycling programs and stewardships. The licence contains conditions that compel Envirostream to implement measures in relation to the fire hazard including installation of a firewall and a thermal camera system. Envirostream must notify EPA when it finishes these works.

Previous updates

In lieu of a face-to-face information session, interested persons were encouraged to ask any questions about the long route license process or Envirostream's Australia’s proposal in the Q & A.

The Q&A CLOSED at 12 PM, 11 November 2020. Questions and responses can still be viewed above.

Submissions on this works approval have now closed. One submission was made to EPA and is now available to view in the 'Supporting documents' section on this page.

On 23 February EPA issued Envirostream with a Section 22 Notice requesting further information. The due date on the notice was 24 February. Envirostream have not yet provided a response to the notice. The 'statutory clock' on this application is now paused until a response is received and accepted by EPA.

A copy of the notice is available in the supporting documents section of this page.

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