The Camperdown Compost Company Pty Ltd propose to expand and upgrade an existing composting facility located at 445 Sandys Lane Gnotuk Victoria 3260.

The works approval assessment will be carried out jointly with the Shire of Corangamite planning permit application following agreed joint process protocols.

A copy of the works approval application (number 1003503) and its appendices can be viewed in the 'Supporting documents' section.

Latest updates

On 17 December 2019, the Camperdown Compost Company approved a 10 week extension, from the date they resubmit their revised application, to the statutory assessment period under Section 67A of the Environment Protection Act.

This means that EPA’s assessment of this works approval application is on hold until the proponent resubmits their application.

Previous updates

Public submissions have now closed. EPA received 7 public submissions relating to this works approval application. You can read them in the ‘Supporting documents’ section.

A public information session was held on 14 October 2019 at the Killara Centre in Camperdown.

What does this application propose?

The existing facility is licensed by EPA to receive 24,000 tonnes of organic solid and liquid wastes.

The Camperdown Compost Company Pty Ltd propose the following:

  • To accept up to 35,000 tonnes per year of both solid and liquid wastes.
  • The wastes to be accepted include green organic waste, food waste, animal effluent waste, food and beverage processing waste, grease trap waste and industrial wash water wastes.
  • The organic wastes will be processed through an aerated static pile process to pasteurise the product, followed by an open turned windrow process to allow the product to mature.
  • The facility will produce up to 15,000 tonnes of finished compost per year.
  • The finished product is a compost that is used by farmers across south western Victoria.