On 1 July 2021, the amended Environment Protection Act 2017 (the Act) comes into force. This is the single greatest overhaul of environment protection legislation in Victoria since the tabling of the Environment Protection Act 1970.

  • These new laws will ensure we are all responsible for minimising our impacts on the environment.
  • EPA is required to undertake consultation in relation to a range of decisions and activities under the Act.
  • The Act requires development of a Charter of Consultation

S53(2) The Charter of Consultation—

a) must include guidelines relating to processes for determining applications for permissions; and

b) must include guidelines for the public notification of, and consultation relating to, applications for permissions; and

c) must include any prescribed matters; and

d) may include any other matters that the Authority considers appropriate.

EPA has developed a Draft Charter of Consultation. It describes the purpose of consultation at EPA, the context in which it occurs, EPA’s commitment to consultation, and outlines specific consultation processes relating to key regulatory activities and decisions.

EPA would like to hear feedback from our stakeholders and the Victorian community about the usefulness of the document, its scope, whether it supports understanding of consultation at EPA, and how it might be improved.

We will seek input from Victorians through Engage Vic and other forums over the next 3 months. This is your opportunity to comment on the Draft Charter of Consultation. To participate in this process please register your interest below.


Please answer the following questions to help us improve the Draft Charter of Consultation
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