The Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019 (the Act) was passed in the Victorian Parliament in August 2019.

The Act introduces a registration scheme for professional engineers, which will initially apply to engineers providing professional engineering services in five areas of engineering:

  • civil
  • structural
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • fire safety.

The scheme has been designed to consider other areas of engineering over time. The Bill also makes provision for other areas of engineering to be added through regulations in the future.

It is expected that other areas of engineering will be considered once the areas of engineering specified in the Bill are fully implemented.

Registration will commence from 1 July 2021.

Two rounds of public consultation are scheduled this year to support the implementation of the Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019.

The first round of public consultation will be held in the middle of this year and will include consultation on:

  • General Regulations that, among other matters, propose the arrangement for phasing-in registration for the five areas of engineering
  • guidance material on the extraterritorial application of the Act, the meaning of professional engineering services, direct supervision and prescriptive standards, and the five areas of engineering
  • a proposed Code of Conduct for professional engineers, and
  • options for setting registration and endorsement fees.

The second round of public consultation will he held later this year and will include consultation on the proposed registration and endorsement fees and the supporting regulatory impact statement.


This model of regulation will include:

  • assessment entities verifying the qualifications, experience and competency of professional engineers for registration, and
  • the Business Licensing Authority and the Victorian Building Authority, checking that professional engineers are fit and proper to be registered and, as required, to be endorsed to practice in the building industry.

How you can participate

It is important to have your say during the public consultation process.

If you are an engineer, work in the sector, or have an interest in the scheme, make sure to sign up to the mailing list for updates and information on when public consultation starts.