The Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019 (the Act) will come into operation on 1 July 2021.

It will introduce a registration scheme for professional engineers that will be phased-in over a two-and-a-half-year period.

The registration system will be co-regulatory, led by the Business Licensing Authority and supported by participation from the engineering sector in the form of approved assessment entities. Consumers Affairs Victoria and the Victorian Building Authority will also support the registration system.

Engineers who provide professional engineering services in the areas of structural, civil, electrical, mechanical and fire safety engineering will need to register unless they work under direct supervision or only in accordance with a prescriptive standard.

Engineers who provide professional engineering services to the building industry will need to have a special endorsement on their registration.

Engineers who are already registered under the Building Act 1993 will not need to apply for registration and endorsement as they will be automatically transferred to the new system.

Professional Engineers Registration Summary Report

From August to October 2020 we asked for your feedback on the scheme's guidance materials for engineers.

A summary report has been prepared, including an analysis of all responses received. Thank you to all who participated.

A second round of public consultation will be held in 2021. It will consult on the proposed regulations that establish fees for registration and the supporting regulatory impact statement.

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