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Before you complete the survey, please take a look at the draft plans and images below.

We are seeking your feedback on:

  1. Safe streets and paths
  2. Community connection
  3. Design of new homes and places

Draft planning documentation

Proposed design

Artist impressions

Site plan

Floor plans

Landscape plan

Map showing the new development in North Richmond

Elevation designs

Shadow diagrams

Location plans

Download the draft planning application design package
Draft planning application design package November 2021
PDF (15.86 MB)

Technical reports

Acoustic report


Marshall Day Acoustics has prepared a report that outlines a range of considerations and in principle recommendations for the 4 new housing buildings proposed in Elizabeth Street, North Richmond.

In assessing external noise to the site, Marshall Day has found that there will only be moderate levels of traffic and tram noise, given the site is located away from roads such as Lennox Street, Victoria Street and Church Street.

The report did identify that there may be some noise from existing commercial premises to the north, however this is not expected to be intrusive as those businesses are required to comply with noise limits for mechanical machinery, waste collection and deliveries.

In assessing internal noise sources, the report has recommended the use of good design and readily available acoustic treatments to minimise noise from lifts, air conditioning units and waste collection areas.

The report has also recommended solid screening between adjacent balconies to minimise noise.

The report outlines requirements to achieve the project’s goal of Green Star 5-star rating and requirements under the National Construction Code, with construction details for walls, floors, ceilings, corridors, lift wells, waste pipes, stormwater, and waste management.

This report has been compiled to provide acoustic design advice. Final acoustic options will be determined during the detailed design phase of the project.

Download the executive summary and the full schematic design report

Arborist report


Tree Logic has prepared a report on the trees located on the site of proposed new housing on Elizabeth Street, North Richmond.

This report provides information about the dimensions, health, and structural condition of trees and advice about tree protection zones, root zones and which trees are subject to permit or offset requirements.

Tree Logic identified 23 trees on the Elizabeth Street site:

  • One tree was a planted specimen of Victorian native origin
  • 9 trees were Australian natives
  • 13 were specimens of exotic origins.

The site falls within the City of Yarra Planning Scheme, which requires a permit for the removal of any tree with a trunk diameter of 40cm or more, at 1.5 metres height. Twelve trees were found to trigger permit requirements.

The arboricultural assessment considers the condition, health, and structure of trees, as well as their value to the community.

  • One tree was given a moderate A rating
  • This means that this is a prominent tree in fair or better condition. This tree has a moderate to long useful life expectancy and is considered most suitable to retain.

  • 9 trees were given a moderate B rating
  • This means that these trees are in the middle of the range and worthy of being retained.

  • 6 trees were given a moderate C rating
  • This means that these trees are either small or do not appear to be healthy. These trees can be considered suitable for retention, but they may require special management or additional space to grow into.

  • 7 trees were rated Low
  • These trees displayed symptoms of decline and / or structural problems. They do not generally warrant being an obstruction to the design objectives or outcomes of the project. They may be retained depending on cost and space on site.

Based on this analysis and a review of the proposed design the aboricultural report has identified:

  • 12 trees can be retained if appropriate tree protection fencing is used during construction
  • 8 trees are in the construction zone and proposed to be removed
  • One tree (tree 20) has roots in the construction zone and could damage infrastructure as the tree grows. This tree is proposed for removal
  • 2 trees, (trees 13 and 14), could be retained with revised design and careful construction to limit soil compaction.

Tree conditions can change quickly due to environmental or changed landscape conditions. Retained trees should be inspected every 3-5 years or after any local damaging weather events with appropriate remedial works undertaken as required.

Landscape plan


Occulus Architecture has produced some designs for potential landscaping and open space around the proposed housing development at 147-161 Elizabeth Street, North Richmond.

These designs aim to strengthen the character and identity of the area, create the feeling of a neighbourhood and support community life.

Key parts of the proposed design include:

  • A new network of safer streets will encourage cycling, walking and use of public transport
  • High quality open spaces that will encourage people to spend time outside, with a mix of places for recreation and places where people can sit or be quiet
  • More trees and gardens will improve the support the local environment and create a sense of neighbourhood character. Planting alongside paths will combine trees and ground covers to provide both a green outlook and improved safety
  • Upgraded community spaces and safer streets will connect the area with the surrounding neighbourhood
  • All external public and internal communal spaces, streets, paths, will be safe, and welcoming, with lighting provided throughout
  • Residents will be able to enjoy windows that look out onto parks, streets, and other public areas.
Download the landscape package.
Landscape package November 2021
PDF (5.13 MB)

Sustainability management plan


Wrap Consulting has prepared a plan that provides an overview of the environmentally sustainable development of the proposed housing on Elizabeth Street, North Richmond.

This plan outlines how best practice initiatives will be incorporated in the development, including targets and proposed design approaches, and how the development meets and exceeds industry standards.

The project is aiming to achieve a certified 5-star Green Star Design & As Built v1.3 rating through a range of initiatives including:

  • Superior thermal comfort and energy efficiency with dwellings achieving an average 7 Star NatHERS rating
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are to be reduced through an all-electric development
  • Energy efficient appliances and lighting and natural ventilation will be supported by rooftop solar
  • Water efficient fittings and rainwater harvesting will minimise potable water consumption
  • A focus on indoor air quality, acoustics and daylight will create exceptional occupant comfort.

The above initiatives, along with other sustainability commitments outlined within this plan, will result in this being an ‘Australian Excellence’ Green Star project.

Traffic and transport


One Mile Grid has undertaken a traffic and transport assessment for the proposed new housing on Elizabeth Street, North Richmond.

It is proposed to develop the site to include 72 affordable homes and 72 social homes.

The proposal is to provide 76 car parks. This is considered acceptable and in accordance with the likely demand for residents:

  • Social housing: 0.44 spaces per dwelling
  • Affordable housing: 0.54 spaces per dwelling
  • Accessible housing: 1 space per dwelling
  • Non housing use: 1 space.

Bicycle parking will be provided in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Scheme and Green Star requirements and is considered appropriate.

The design and location of bicycle parking is appropriate and generally in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Standards.

The proposed car parking and basement access design is in accordance with the Planning Scheme and is considered appropriate.

Removalist/moving vehicles can be accommodated in the existing car parking spaces in the vicinity of the site.

Waste collection will be undertaken within the basement with a 6.4 metre mini loader and is acceptable.

Emergency services can access the site appropriately.

Waste management


One Mile Grid has undertaken a waste management plan for the proposed new housing on Elizabeth Street, North Richmond.

Waste storage will be provided within the basement and collection will be undertaken by a 6.4 metre mini loader.

A 3-chute system (for garbage, recycling, and glass) will be provided for both the east wing and west wing, leading down to 2 separate bin rooms in the basement.

Residents will be required to transfer their organic waste into the organic bins provided in each waste chute room.

Provision and collection frequency of bins for the east wing and west wings will be once a week. E-waste, hard rubbish, and charity collection will be on demand.

A separate storage room from the main bin storage room is proposed to be provided for hard waste, e-waste, and charity bins for the east wing in the basement. The west wing bin storage room will provide storage for hard waste, e-waste, and charity bins, with the waste chute distribution point cordoned off to residents.

Wind impact


Vipac Engineers and Scientists Ltd have prepared a wind impact assessment for the ground level areas in and around the proposed development at Elizabeth Street, North Richmond.

Their findings are with the proposed design:

  • Wind conditions in most of the ground level footpath areas and access ways would be expected to be within the walking comfort criterion
  • The main entrances would be expected to be within the standing comfort criterion
  • The terraces and balconies would be expected to be within the recommended walking comfort criterion.

Additional recommendations have been included for reference

Vipac recommends educating occupants about wind conditions at open terrace/balcony areas during high-wind events and fixing loose, lightweight furniture on the terrace is highly recommended.


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