The Education and Training Reform (Regulation of Student Accommodation) Act 2020 will see school boarding premises regulated by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority. They will be required to register and meet minimum standards to maintain their registration.

The Department has prepared a regulatory impact statement that outlines the impact of proposed regulations prescribing requirements and minimum standards for the registration of school boarding premises. All affected schools, sector advocates, parents and students, are encouraged to provide feedback.

We want visitors to tell us on how we can refine (if necessary) the proposed regulations and how we can implement them. This feedback will inform the final regulations.

Read the draft reforms and regulatory impact statement (RIS)

The RIS explores options for regulations under the Amendment Act and will be open for consultation from 11 December 2020 until 5 February 2021. The Amendment Act and Amendment Regulations will commence in June 2021.
Consolidated MO706 with 1325 amendments
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Consolidated MO870 with 1324 amendments
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Regulatory impact statement - Regulation of student accommodation
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Regulatory impact statement - Regulation of student accommodation
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Privacy collection and consent notice

This consent notice outlines how personal information will be collected and used as part of the Education and Training Reform Amendment Regulations 2020 (the proposed regulations) regulatory impact statement consultation (the consultation).

The purpose of this engagement is to seek feedback from Victorian school boarding premises, affected schools, sector advocates and parents, staff and students, to help inform the Victorian Government on how to refine and finalise the proposed Regulations.

The information gathered will be used to provide the Department of Education and Training (the Department) with a full understanding of how to refine (if necessary) and best implement the proposed regulations.

All questions are optional, and you may elect to leave any question unanswered. This gives you the option to make your submission anonymously.

Any personal, health and sensitive information submitted with your online submissions, as part of the Consultation, will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Data and Protection Act 2014 (Vic) (the PDP Act), the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) (the HR Act) and the Public Records Act 1973 (Vic).

The information you provide, and your online submission, will be provided to Departmental staff involved in administering this Consultation, which includes the Strategy and Integration Division, School Operational Policy Unit, and other Departmental staff providing support for the Consultation. Your online submissions will be used to inform a summary report resulting from the Consultation and potential recommendations for refining and implementing the proposed regulations.

Free text responses from your online submission may also be selected for inclusion in the summary report. Any personal information including name and/or job title may be included in the final report. Any contact information provided will be used for the purpose of clarifying information made in the submission, to ask follow up questions, or provide updates in relation to this consultation.

A summary report will be prepared for the Department’s use only by the Strategy and Integration Division, School Education Programs and Support.

All Information collected from a survey participant will be used for the purposes of the Consultation or where otherwise permitted by law. This information may also be used by the Department to inform decision making, including policy changes relating to the improvement of the implementation of the Education and Training Reform Amendment Regulations 2020.

The information will be stored in New South Wales and Victoria.

You can request access and correction of your information by contacting the School Operational Policy Unit at the ngs.support@education.vic.gov.au

For more information, please see the Department of Education and Training's information privacy policy.