The Eastern Metropolitan Partnership is an advisory group established by the Victorian Government. The Partnership is a way for local communities to engage directly with state and local governments, and advise the Victorian Government of the top priorities for jobs, services and infrastructure across the region. This advice will become part of the government’s key decision-making processes.

The Eastern Partnership’s vision is for a region with excellent connections between people, places and jobs. Following engagement with its community throughout 2018, the Partnership has developed up its advice to the Victorian Government on the regional priorities for the Eastern region.

The Partnership's advice to the Victorian Government for 2018 included:

Regional Connectivity – making it easier get around the region, especially through improving bus services and opportunities for active transport 

Integrated Health and Social Services - improving access to the full range of health and social services for the region's most vulnerable people 

Social Inclusion - creating a region where all people, regardless of age, gender, cultural background, or physical ability feel connected and able to participate in community life. Our initial focus is on addressing gender equity and unconscious bias in community sport

Affordable and Social Housing - increasing the supply of affordable and social housing in the region to meet a shortfall of 11,400 dwellings over the next 2 decades

Jobs for Youth - improving the transition for the region's young people from secondary school to meaningful training or employment

What we've heard in 2018

At our second annual Assembly on 13 June 2018 at Boronia K-12 College, we heard directly from the community about how to further progress priorities for the region. Watch the video below to see the 2018 Assembly in action or read the 2018 Eastern Metropolitan Partnership Assembly report.