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The Draft Victorian Deer Management Strategy (the draft strategy) has been developed by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR).

The development of a deer management strategy is a key action under the Victorian Government’s Sustainable Hunting Action Plan 2016 – 2020 and recognised under the Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2037 Implementation Framework.

The objectives of the draft strategy are to maintain hunting opportunities while managing the impacts of deer on environmental, social, cultural, economic and agricultural assets.

Effective deer management requires a partnership approach between all levels of Government, Traditional Owners, conservation and community groups, Landcare, water authorities, Catchment Management Authorities, hunting organisations, hunters, the deer farming industry, commercial deer harvest industry and the community.

The draft strategy proposes a new way of thinking to guide how deer are managed in our landscape.

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Public consultation of the draft strategy closed Monday 29 October 2018. Thank you to those who provided feedback.


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Part 1: General

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Part 2: Deer Management Zones

A key component of the draft strategy is the introduction of deer management zones to guide deer management across Victoria.

The deer management zones are described at a concept level and a key action of the draft strategy is to undertake further work to refine how the zone framework will be developed and implemented.

For further information on the deer management zones please refer to Page 15 - 17 of the draft strategy.

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Part 3: Goals, Actions and Deliverables

The draft strategy details key goals, actions and deliverables to achieve a coordinated approach to deer management in Victoria.

Goal 1: Enhance deer management through partnerships and community collaboration

This will be achieved by working with the community to develop and implement deer management zones, improve how we share information about deer management, engage with Traditional Owners in deer management and create opportunities for hunters to be involved in deer management.

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Goal 2: Reduce the impact of deer on key environmental, agricultural, cultural and social assets

This will be achieved by preventing the establishment of new deer species in Victoria, removing regulatory barriers to enable effective deer control, utilising wild deer carcasses, improving deer management in peri-urban areas and improving management of farmed deer.

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Goal 3: Increase awareness, understanding and capacity to manage deer

This will be achieved by research and trials to better inform deer management, developing a Standard Operating Procedure and a Code of Practice for the control of deer, developing deer information resources and a monitoring and evaluation framework to review deer management effectiveness, value and success.

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Goal 4: Reduce illegal deer hunting

This will be achieved by improving reporting of illegal hunting activity, introducing a game licence test for new deer hunters and developing resources to encourage safe and humane hunting and deer control practices.

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Part 4: About you

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