Greens Lake in Corop is returning to a more natural watering regime, following many years of use as an irrigation water storage. The draft Greens Lake Action Plan has been developed collaboratively by Taungurung Land and Waters Council, Goulburn-Murray Water, and Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. It describes the proposed approach to transitioning the lake to its natural wetland condition, the environmental and cultural benefits of this transition, and the new recreational opportunities that will be created in the region.

Returning the Lake to a natural wetland will benefit many plants and animals adapted to these conditions, including small-bodied fish and many species of water birds, such as the Brolga. This transition also recognises Greens Lake’s cultural significance to the Taungurung people, including Greens Lake and the broader Corop Lakes wetland complex.

Goulburn Murray Water will continue to offer free camping at Greens Lake, and it will remain open to visitors for recreation. However, water levels will be more variable and there will be fewer years when powered boating activities will be possible.

In recognition of the reduction in on-water recreation opportunities at Greens Lake, a new free-camping ground will be created at nearby Waranga Basin to provide more opportunities for lakeside camping in the region. Waranga Basin reliably holds water as an irrigation storage and is a popular destination for fishing and boating.

More broadly, the Taungurung Land and Waters Council, will partner with agencies and the community to explore how to best plan for and govern the Corop Lakes wetland complex, including Greens Lake, as a significant cultural landscape. This is an important step towards embedding Traditional Owner management of Country and empowering Traditional Owner self-determination in land management, supported by the Victorian Traditional Owner Cultural Landscapes Strategy.

Banner photo credit: Wetland Revival Trust

How to participate

We encourage you to read the draft Greens Lake Action Plan and the accompanying FAQ document that provides more specific information on a number of aspects of the Plan. We welcome your feedback on the Plan. You can participate online via Engage Victoria by filling in our survey, or by uploading a submission.

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Next steps

Your feedback will be considered by Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Taungurung Land and Waters Council and Goulburn-Murray Water and where appropriate it will be used to inform the final Greens Lake Action Plan. A high-level Feedback Report will be developed from consolidated feedback, shared on this Engage Vic page and distributed to those who have provided their email contact.

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