Protecting those who expose improper conduct is essential for building and maintaining public sector integrity and accountability. The Protected Disclosure Act 2012 (the Act) provides legal protections for people who make ‘protected disclosure complaints’ about serious public sector misconduct. This includes improper conduct by departments, Victoria Police, statutory agencies and other public sector entities and their employees and officers. Any person can make a protected disclosure, whether or not they work in the public sector.

Making a protected disclosure complaint can have financial consequences for a discloser. Remedies provided under the Act can go some way to address this, but in practice, a person may still face significant legal and career-transition costs as a result of making a disclosure.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) is considering how a Discloser Support Scheme could provide financial support to people who make protected disclosure complaints. The purpose of the scheme would be to remove the financial barriers which may prevent people from making a protected disclosure, such as legal and career-transition costs.

DPC is seeking feedback from the Victorian community on how the scheme could, to the greatest extent possible, help ensure a person is no worse off for having made a protected disclosure complaint.

How to participate

The consultation period runs until 5pm on 29 October 2018 .

To participate in this consultation, please:

  • Read the information in the discussion paper provided in the document library on the right hand side of this page;
  • Upload a written submission outlining your experience; and/or
  • Fill out our short survey below; and
  • Follow this consultation. You can follow the progress of this project by clicking the 'follow' button at the top of this page. If you do follow this consultation, please note that DPC will retain your personal information (in the form of your name and/or email address) so that it can contact you and keep you informed about this consultation.

The discussion paper includes information about the proposed scheme, including who may be eligible and what kinds of assistance may be provided.

Even if you have never made a protected disclosure, DPC would welcome your input to help us understand your views on the protected disclosure process.

Important notes

This is a consultation to find out about your experience with the protected disclosure regime, whether you have made a protected disclosure or thought about making one. However, there are serious confidentiality requirements relating to protected disclosures. Please take special note of the following:
  • If you have made a protected disclosure complaint in the past, please do not provide confidential information about your disclosure. You may wish to seek legal advice about whether certain information is confidential.
  • This consultation process is not a channel for making protected disclosures or reporting improper conduct. Please see IBAC’s website for information on how to make a protected disclosure or report corruption:
  • Your responses will remain confidential. Any information you provide as part of this consultation will be held in accordance with DPC and Engage Victoria's Privacy Policies. Links to these policies are located on the right hand side of this page.
  • If you are currently logged in to Engage Victoria, you may wish to log out before taking part in this consultation so as to remain anonymous. If you are logged in while providing your response, your details including name and email address may be recorded. However, as noted above, any information you provide as part of this consultation will be held in accordance with DPC and Engage Victoria's Privacy policies and will remain confidential.

Upload a written submission

DPC is seeking feedback from those who have made, or have considered making, a protected disclosure in the past.

Making a submission about your experience or concerns, especially the financial costs you faced, will help us to create a scheme that genuinely supports disclosers.

If you have previously decided not to report improper conduct, we would like to hear about the concerns that prevented you from making a protected disclosure.

If you would like to make a submission via Word document or PDF, please click 'Choose file' and upload it from your computer

Multiple choice questions:

DPC is also seeking information on how Victorians perceive the protected disclosure process. Please answer the questions below even if you have never made a protected disclosure.
Have you ever made a protected disclosure?
If you were to make a protected disclosure, how confident would you be that the system would provide you with sufficient protection?
Would you be more likely to make a protected disclosure if there were a scheme offering financial assistance to disclosers?
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Privacy Collection Notice

DPC is committed to protecting your privacy.

Sharing your experiences and thoughts on the protected disclosure process by participating in this consultation will help shape the Disclosure Support Scheme.

DPC asks you, when participating in this consultation, to not include any personal information or health information.

The information you share with us will be confidential, and it will not be published, ensuring that your anonymity is preserved. Such information will be held by DPC and only used for the purpose of this review. Any information you do provide will be held by DPC in accordance with DPC's Privacy Policy as well as Engage Victoria's Privacy Policy.