The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing is reviewing the Disability Act 2006 .

The Act is an important source of rights and protections for Victorians with disability.

With the move to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the Victorian Government’s role in disability has changed.

We need to make sure the Disability Act is contemporary and fit for purpose for the more than 1.1 million Victorians with disability.

As part of the review, we want to hear people’s ideas about how the Disability Act can promote inclusion and tackle inequality.

Scope of the review

The review includes topics like:

  • promoting social, civic, and economic inclusion and participation of people with disability
  • community visitors
  • forensic disability services
  • compulsory treatment
  • restrictive practices
  • residential rights and services.

Have your say

You can make a written, audio or video submission about the Disability Act 2006 or any part of it.

How to make a submission

Go to Submissions section.

Auslan video - Review of the Disability Act 2006 - consultation paper summary

Audio - Disability Act Review 2006 - consultation paper

Audio - Disability Act Review 2006 - consultation paper summary


Written submissions

Audio submission

Video submission

To make a video submission, please send your video via WeTransfer or zipped folder to disabilityactreview@dhhs.vic.gov.au.

Please fill out the demographic information below before you send your submission.

Privacy collection notice

The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (the department) is conducting the review of the Disability Act 2006 (Vic). The department will collate submissions and feedback and use them to understand people’s views on the key issues presented in the consultation paper.

The department is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the principles of Victorian privacy laws. You are not required to provide any personal or health information to make a submission or to provide feedback on the review of the Disability Act.

All fields on the submission form relating to demographic information are optional (such as sharing if you are a person with disability). However, we do receive your name and email address when you elect to make submissions or feedback via email, which will be redacted and securely deleted.

Where you choose to provide personal or health information, such as your contact information, we will only use it for the purpose of providing you updates on the progress of the review, seeking clarification of your submission or feedback, or notifying you of further consultation opportunities for the review of the Act.

If you choose to include personal or health information, we ask that you do not include this information anywhere other than the designated fields on the submission form. Any summary of personal or health information made by the department in its review of submissions or feedback will be de-identified before publication or sharing with other entities or the public.

The department will not disclose your personal or health information without your consent, except where required to do so by law. Your submission or feedback will only be published with your name where you have agreed for this to occur.

You may contact the department to request access to any personal information you have provided to us.

The department can be contacted at disabilityactreview@dhhs.vic.gov.au or 03 9456 3158, using the National Relay Service 13 36 77 if needed, or you may contact the department’s Privacy team by emailing privacy@dffh.vic.gov.au.

For more information on the department’s privacy collection, please refer to the department’s privacy policy or visit our website on https://www.dffh.vic.gov.au